Should You Hire a Resume Writer?

This weekend my father lost his job, and it is crucial for him to get another job as soon as possible. As a machinist, he has a lot of experience, but writing a resume is not his forte. I took matters into my own hands and hired a resume writer. You won’t believe where I turned to hire a resume writer.

Turning to Fiverr for a Resume

I have dealt with Fiverr for a few things in the past, and basically, you get what you pay for. I was amazed to find an experienced resume writer on Fiverr for a good price. Of course, for $5 you only get a template. However, if you want your whole resume done, it just costs an extra $20. Want her to throw in the cover letter too? Just add $10. It will take a week to get back your resume, unless you pay extra for 24 hour services.

I was just so impressed by what this lady did, that I could not keep it to myself. I seriously gave her a resume that looked like it was written by an inept high schooler. It had a lot of information missing. She came back with a resume that looked professional and was full of tasks my father had completed – tasks that neither one of us had thought of. For example, I had originally put that he did inspections and worked with measuring tools. She came back with 3-5 detailed points of the type of inspections he did, the types of tools he used, how he cleaned and serviced the machines. How did she know all of these details when I didn’t give them to her? She did her research on what typical machinists do and amplified it in my father’s resume.

Should You Hire a Resume Writer?

Maybe you are wondering if a resume writer is the right path for you. Here are some points to consider:

  • How long will it take you to write or update your resume? I write pretty quickly, but updating and writing resumes seems to take forever. It would have taken me probably 2-3 hours to do my father’s resume, so I was perfectly content to outsource the work.
  • Do you have poor grammar and spelling? Writing is not everyone’s gift, and that is okay. There is no need to feel ashamed if you have horrible spelling and grammar. Instead, let someone who has better spelling and grammar skills like the grammar policeman help you.
  • Do you have a hard time writing down what you have done? If you are an expert in your field, you probably do not even realize half of the stuff you are doing. Let me clarify. My husband is a system administrator, but if he were to write his resume, he would forget a lot of important things on there, such as certifications and skills. Why? He is just so use to doing them every day that he takes for granted that they are not common knowledge. You might be in the same boat, so it is important to have a second pair of eyes help you realize the depth of your job.
  • Is your resume tricky? A professional resume writer can help you fill in gaps of unemployment or make so-so jobs appear better on paper.

If you do decide to go with a resume writer, I highly suggest the one I found on Fiverr. Her username is Boomsa. She has been a recruiter for 15 years and moved full-time to resume writing on Fiverr to earn money for adoption. She is so successful that she already earned enough for her first adoption, and she is now working towards her second adoption. Great service for a great cause.

If you choose to find a resume writer elsewhere, look for personalized services. Avoid resume writing mills that give you a generic resume. And please, by all means, avoid Craigslist!