How To Make Your Home Attractive To First Time Buyers

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We all know how difficult it can be to take your first step on the housing ladder in the current economy. First-time buyers are in a much worse situation than they were ten years ago. It is now almost impossible for a couple who earn the minimum legal wage to get a mortgage from most high-street banking groups. Sadly, it doesn’t look as though things are going to change anytime soon. So, if you’ve got a conscience, and you’d like to give first-time buyers a hand, this post will explain some of the things you can do to help. Of course, doing so will mean you make slightly less profit when listing my home, but you will be helping young people to create a brighter future.




Sometimes we have to look past our greed and assist other people, right? That is true in many different circumstances, and for people from all walks of life. By following some of the suggestions we’re about to make, you should seriously improve the chances of first-time buyers making a purchase. With that in mind, you should spend the next ten minutes reading through all the text below. While you might think some of the ideas are a little too much for you to handle, there should be at least a couple of things you can do to help young people in your area. So, let’s get started.


Decorate in neutral colors


First-time buyers will want to put their stamp on the first home they own, and so you’ll make your property more attractive by giving them a blank canvas. Even young people understand the removing old wallpaper and carpet can take a long time. They’re much more likely to see the potential in a home if all they have to do is paint the walls and make their mark. Whites, creams and other light colors are usually best, as additional coats can be added when the buyers are ready.


Purchase a new bathroom suite


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new bathroom suite, but replacing your old one might be a wise move if it’s more than ten years old. For whatever reason, people thought that lime green and other disgusting colors were very favorable during the 1970s and 80s. However, most of us don’t think the same thing today. By replacing your old suite with a new, clean white one, you could seriously improve the overall aesthetic of your home. First-time buyers will shy away if they think they’ll have to purchase a new suite themselves as they have little understanding of pricing.


Leave your fitted kitchen


Many people remove fitted kitchens from their property before selling. However, that’s a real pain for first-time buyers who want to get inside their new home and start living comfortably immediately. For that reason, you should leave all the cupboards and other items in your kitchen. Your new property will probably need updating anyway, and so that is not a big deal. People who are only just making their way onto the housing ladder have a lot less cash to spend.


Leave some furniture / appliances


Getting a mortgage in the current financial climate is tough, and so first-time buyers probably won’t have much money to spend on kitting out their new home. Considering that, you should think about leaving some items behind. You can mention that in your advertisements to help show people what a good deal they’re getting. While fridges, freezers, cookers and washing machines might not cost that much on their own, new homeowners will face a heavy burden. Especially when trying to purchase them all at the same time. So, if you have any furniture or appliances you intend to replace at some point during the next twelve months, just leave them behind and help the buyers out.


Make your outdoor space look inviting


First impressions count when buying a new home, and so it will make sense for you to improve the look of your outdoor spaces. Presuming you have a front garden, you should cut the grass before viewings and plant some nice-looking flowers. The same goes for round the back. Lots of young couples looking to buy a property will have a child, and so they want to know there’s lot of room for them to play outdoors. By keeping the gardens in good shape, you ensure they’re able to picture their children enjoying the space.


Remove all photographs of your family


It can be very difficult to envision your family in a property when there are lots of pictures of other people on the walls. With that in mind, you should aim to pack yours away before listing your home for sale through local real estate agents. You want to remove anything personal from the property to make it easy for people to picture themselves living inside. Doing that might mean you need to pay for storage, but you can get units very cheap these days.


Throw in some help with the move


If you’re dedicated to helping first-time buyers, you could throw in an extra that makes the deal much more favorable. The moving process is often long and stressful. For that reason, maybe you might like to pay for a removal firm. There is nothing stopping you from adding that element to the deal and many people will find it extremely useful. There are lots of specialists in your local area, no matter where your home is located. So, you should give them a call and start getting quotes. The Professionals from Chicago recently told us that sellers paying for moving costs is becoming a popular trend.


So there you have it guys. You now know about some of the simplest things you can do to make your home more attractive to first-time buyers. You should be commended for going to all this effort just to help young people get their footing on the market. If everyone had the same idea, the housing situation would be much better than it currently is.


Good luck!