5 Cheap Ways to Get into A Better Mood

Mood f6d793350e2541bea7197951a43ca204There are some times in life where we feel like we just have a constant dark cloud following us everywhere we go.

Sometimes it’s caused by a series of unfortunate events (a speeding ticket, your car breaks down, you lose something, etc), other times it’s caused by seasonal change, and even more often, it just happens that we feel…off.

A lot of people cope with negative feelings by going on shopping sprees, but it often leaves you feeling not only unsatisfied, but with a huge hole in your pocket too.

So how do you actually go about getting out of your funk and into a better mood?

Here are five cheap ways to get into a better mood.

Pamper Yourself

There’s a reason that taking a bath is listed among the top ways to relieve stress. Anything that involves pampering yourself usually puts you in a calm state, and when you’re in a calm state, your breathing tends to be more relaxed. Studies have shown that steady breathing is a big contributor to stress relief.

So get pampered! Take a hot bath but make it an experience–turn on some candles, get some bath bubbles, and turn on the low-key music to get your mind out of your funk and into relaxation mode. Bath isn’t enough? Try a cheap pedicure at your local nail salon, or listen to a mediation video on YouTube.


Getting your heart rate pumping has long been known to be a great stress reliever. Stress relievers are always good to help you get out of a bad mood. I hardly ever feel like actually going for a run, but after I’m done, I feel great!

Next time you’re feeling restless, strap on some running shoes and just go for a walk. Chances are you’ll start jogging just a little bit and eventually feel the endorphins pump through your veins that help boost your spirits.

Have a Friend Night

Anytime I get together with my friends, I always end up feeling refreshed afterwards. These days, between schedules, kids, and husbands, it’s tough to get together. But there’s something about talking with friends that always makes you feel good. We’re able to host cheap girls’ nights by simply inviting friends over and everyone brings an appetizer and a bottle of wine. Total cost per person is about $15-20.

Read a Book

If you’re an introvert, the idea of doing an extrovert activity like a friend night, may not be your cup of tea. If so, try and have a “Me Night” instead. My “Me Nights” usually involve take-out, the couch, and Netflix. But every now and then, I like to immerse myself in a good book. I always check out my books at the library so that they’re free! Find recommendations through GoodReads.

Cook a fancy meal

A lot of people find cooking therapeutic. Find a new recipe you’ve never tried, grab a bottle of wine, play some jazz and get cooking!

Oftentimes, when we’re in a bad mood, we just need something else to take our mind off the issue that’s bothering us. Focusing on something else will help bring you some perspective and hopefully help you find joy in the things that actually bring you pleasure in life