Finance Tip for Parents: Save Big with Cloth Diapers

Did you know that if you wisely invested the money you spend on disposable diapers, it could pay for your kid’s college? The typical family will spend over $2000 on diapers. This money literally is being thrown in the trash.

Cloth diapers are the latest craze in parenting. Newer, high-tech cloth diapers are user friendly and a snap to use. There is a slight learning curve, but once you get used to them, they are no harder to use than disposable diapers.

A decent starter kit for cloth diapering has a startup cost, but it is no comparison to the amount of money you can save in the long run. Most kits can be had for $200, around 10% of what would be spent on disposables. The cloth diaper is even useful as rags after your baby has been potty trained.

For parents unwilling to pay an upfront cost on something they might not like, most cloth diaper stores have 30-day money back refunds. Alternatively, parents can subscribe to a diaper service, a program that takes used diapers away and delivers new cloth diapers every day. Depending on the type of service, this can still be cheaper than using disposables.

Not only can you save money by switching to cloth, some parents switch solely for the benefits to the environment. Americans are throwing out 570 diapers a second! The terrible thing about disposable diapers is that they take 500 years to decompose. This means that every diaper ever made is still sitting in a landfill filled with toxins.

Getting Started with Cloth

There are many choices and options with cloth diapering. The most economical is a diaper cover with a pre-fold diaper inside. The easiest to use cloth diaper is an all-in-one diaper but it is a little more expensive. The diaper with the best of both worlds is the pocket diaper.

A diaper cover is simply a waterproof wrap that goes around a rectangular piece of cotton called a pre-fold diaper. The pre-fold placed surrounding the baby’s bottom, and the diaper cover holds the pre-fold together and adds an additional leak barrier. The cover comes in many different colors and patterns, and the pre-fold can also be made with hemp, organic cotton, or even bamboo.

For parents that are willing to spend a bit more for convenience, there is the all in one diaper. This is diaper cover with the pre-fold sewn inside, making it one piece. This makes it as easy to use as a regular disposable diaper, but makes the drying process a bit longer.

The ultimate in convenience and ease of use is the pocket diaper, which is a diaper cover with a pocket for holding an absorbable insert. This makes the diaper as easy to use as a disposable, and comes apart to make washing the diaper extremely simple.

Cloth diapering is an easy way to benefit the environment as well as your pocketbook. Many parents that cloth diaper love it, and you’ll find by making the switch, you will love it too!

This guest post is contributed by Jennifer Mizuhara, who writes on the topics of cloth diapers.