4 Ways to Boost Your Salary

The Notorious B.I.G. famously sang about the idea that a person who had more money would also have more problems. For most of us though, cash shortages are common, and many people would greatly do what they could to earn more money. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do that without even having to look for another source for employment. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Volunteer to Take on More Work

At first, this suggestion might seem like it’ll create nothing but headaches. However, superiors usually like to see people who are self-starters and don’t need constant direction. Perhaps there’s a new department that will soon be launching at work, and you feel there’s something you could bring to the table to help it get off the ground. Approach your boss about spending at least a couple of hours per week devoted to that cause. Before long, your willingness to give up some free time could translate into a promotion. That’s especially true if you work in an office environment that’s extremely small, making it easy for you to get noticed.

2. Continue Your Education

Having a broader educational background can also make it simpler to position yourself for a possible promotion. There are many ways you can tap into the Internet and find educational opportunities that align with things you already know. For example, if you’re working in the healthcare field, it may be worthwhile to pursue an online FNP program that allows you to learn to become a family nurse practitioner. Because coursework takes place through the Internet, there’s no need to uproot your life to get educated.

Image via Flickr by WageIndicator – Paulien Osse

3. Pitch In to Help Understaffed Departments

Sometimes, employees are so focused on their own work they don’t realize other departments within the company are struggling due to lack of staff. Try being proactive and figure out whether you could help colleagues by lending your skills and filling the void. Not only does that allow people to see you as someone who cares about the success of the company at large, but it could give you the valuable chance to learn new skills and broaden your network of acquaintances.

4. Be Present at Optional Company Events

Many companies make constant efforts to keep employees engaged. That often means holding fundraisers, informal discussions about the future direction of the business, and workplace celebrations. Although those types of events might be optional, it’s in your best interests to attend them unless you truly have another pressing obligation. Although it’s necessary to do excellent work while you’re on the time clock, don’t underestimate how important visbility is even when you’re not getting paid. The people in charge of organizing such events probably put a great deal of effort into making them successful. When you attend, that’s a great way to give your nod of approval, and it may put you in the running for a salary boost.

Although these four suggestions won’t guarantee you’ll bring home a bigger paycheck, they should certainly help you create momentum to move in the right direction.