5 Ways to Save on Gas

d615584186084670ab812fb621dd935eMy husband and I have devoted a lot of time and effort to getting our monthly bills down to a minimal number. While we’ve worked on increasing our income as well, it also helps to remain frugal and limit expensive purchases.

At some point, I felt we took it to drastic measures, like when we downsized from a one-bedroom apartment into a studio loft with our dog. But it had to be done.

These days, we’re living much more comfortably in a two-bedroom townhome, but we still like to keep our expenses to a minimum, so we don’t turn on the AC all the time, we meal plan, and we buy clothing only when it’s on sale.

A big expense that lots of people cite is gas. If you live in a city with limited access to public transportation like we do, cutting down on your gas bill can be pretty tricky. But somehow we managed to do it. Four years ago, our monthly expenses on gas were totaling $350 or more. These days, it’s rare to spend $200. That’s a $150/month savings or $1800 a year. Definitely nothing to sneeze at!

Here are five ways you also can save on gas.

Consolidate errands

Schedule out your weekend so that you run all your errands at once. Breaking out your errands into separate trips can really hinder your gas bill. By running errands all at once, you eliminate unnecessary or unplanned stops.

Take your foot off the gas

Are you one of those people that move your foot from the gas to the brake whenever the light turns yellow? Stop!

By keeping your foot on the gas the entire way, you’re reducing your “coasting” time. Your car will still travel if you take your foot off the gas, and it will “coast.” No need to keep going back and forth from the gas to the brake—take advantage of the “coast.”

Get Some Exercise

Try biking to your local grocery store to get your groceries—it’s a great way to reduce your gas bill and a free way to get some exercise. I started biking to work several times a week and  have been able to pro-long my gas tank to last more than two weeks.

Stop blasting your AC

Common knowledge dictates that if you’re driving on a highway or freeway, to use your AC to reduce wind drag. But if you’re driving on city streets, you should be putting your windows down for some fresh air.


Carpooling isn’t always the easiest option, but splitting up commuting costs with a co-worker or colleague can definitely help ease the gas bill, in many cases by half! Consider asking around and see if you’ll find a willing participant.