How I Make a Profit at Kid Consignment Sales

1ea0b29edd1746bdbff1dfa76ffc447cLast week, I posted some tips on how to maximize your earnings when selling at a kid’s consignment sale. This week, I wanted to expand a little bit further to show how I made a profit at these sales. I started selling at the bi-annual consignment sale for profit just before my first baby was born. So it goes to show that you do not even need kids to make a little side money this way. However, now that I am a parent, I find that I am more knowledgeable about what baby and kid items sell well.

Buy Cheap, Sell High

Before the consignment sale, I would visit several yard sales each weekend. I would buy a lot of children’s clothing, toys, and shoes. I discovered that baby items did not bring in as high of a profit because a lot of other people were selling the same stuff. However, when it comes to name brand kid’s clothes in sizes 5-10, there was not as much competition. This meant I could charge higher prices, and the pieces would sell. I try to buy kid’s clothes at garage sales for $1 or less a piece. I don’t even bother with generic brands, such as Wal-Mart, Target, or Carter’s unless the piece is very eye-catching and fashionable.

Focus On Certain Items

While I would buy several kid items and clothing pieces, I really tried to focus on three distinct items to bring in the most profit. First, I liked to collect popular kid books in series. If I could find multiply Magic Treehouse books or Junie B Jones book for .25-.50 each at a garage sale, then I could bundle them together for a higher sale. For example, 10 Junie B. Jones books will easily sell for $20-25, even though I only might have paid $5 for them. I also try to focus on good quality jackets for the winter time and nice dresses (for either season, since they sell for Easter or for the holidays).

The Winter Sale is More Profitable

I have had success at both sales, but the winter sale seems to be more profitable. This is mostly due to the sale being near Christmas. It is very easy to sell a lot of toys, books, holiday dresses, and nice jackets for a higher price at the winter sale.

I Shop the Sale Early

I choose to volunteer to work the sale so that I can get into the sale at the earliest possible time. This allows me to shop for profit-makers while my items are also selling. Many parents will sell toys or baby items at a low price that can easily be flipped for a profit on Ebay or Craigslist. I made a quick $15 profit on a set of magnetic baby locks from the sale one season.

Flipping used baby and kid items for a profit at a consignment sale can produce extra side money. However, do know that it can be time consuming and before the sale, your garage will look like a thrift store.