5 Costs to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

de38f5c2b4c8431f82802a69d422aaa6A pet can make a wonderful addition to any family. The right pet offers companionship and love. However, many pets bring a high price tag too. Of course, you can expect to spend anywhere from $100-900 to adopt or buy a pet. However the expenses do not stop there. Here are five costs to consider before getting puppy love.

Health Costs

Even adopting or purchasing young pups can come with a lot of health-related costs. You have to think about the vet wellness visits, vaccinations, and the cost to have then neutered. Those are all typical costs. Then you have to think about the not so typical costs. For example, a curious puppy can swallow something dangerous and leave you with a pricey emergency vet bill. Older dogs can have hip conditions and arthritis that need to be treated regularly. Even cats that are prone to wonder can get into trouble on a stroll outside.

For these unexpected costs, pet insurance may be worth it. However, that is another cost you have to factor into your budget.

Grooming Costs

Before you choose your pet, consider how much it will cost to groom them each month. Some pets require very little grooming. Other pets need regular baths and trims just to avoid looking mangy and having mangled hair. Even my two dachshunds that do not require hair cuts or baths still need to have their anal glands squeezed, teeth maintained, and nails ground down. Each pet comes with their own level of grooming needs.


Then there is the obvious cost of food. The bigger the dog, the bigger the food bill. In fact, even withย cheap dog food, many large breeds can cost up to $100 a month to feed. Feeding two dachshunds specialized dog food (grain-free, corn-free food) costs me about $60 every two months. Cats definitely seem cheaper to feed and are not prone to overeating like many dogs are.


All pets require some type of equipment too. Here are just a few things you will have to buy:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Cage/enclosure/inside gate
  • Dog door
  • Bed and bedding
  • Litter box
  • Toys

And the list can go on depending on your pet. Many of these items end up being a one time purchase every few years.

Traveling Costs

Finally, you have to consider traveling costs. If you want to take your pet with you on a vacation, it is going to cost money. If you want to leave your pet behind, it is going to cost money. If you are one who enjoys a lot of travel, then you have to consider how costly the arrangements will be to travel with your pet or to get them a pet sitter or to board them. A few days in a kennel can quickly add up to $100.

Many people choose to own pets for pleasure rather than because of costs. It is just wise to consider all the extra costs that an extra pet can put on your budget, especially if the money is already tight.