Fudged Up Finances? How to Move from Denial to Action

Our ability to go into denial about the problematic issues in our life is quite amazing. But, as you know, we can never quite hide from them. We are good at pushing things down, and out of our minds, and rationalizing. But on the whole, we are quite aware of what is happening, and the anxiety manifests. This behavior is particularly common when it comes to our finances, and we can be in quite the bad way for a long time before we decide to take action. You can check out and look at this web-site to get yourself a doorstep loan for your business.

But at some point, the pain of not dealing with our money problems becomes greater than the pain of facing the music. If you have reached this crucial tipping point and are ready to take action, here are some helpful tips to get you back on track.

Face the Reality

On one hand, you already know your financial pain points, but you have likely not been giving them the full attention they deserve. To get back on course, you have to have a clear understanding of where you are right now.

So, if you have been avoiding checking our retirement funds because you know you are woefully underfunded for your golden years, you have to see where you stand. If bills have been piling up unopened, it is time to look at them. If creditors have been contacting you about late payments, it is time to put a list together and vow to call them. You have to calculate your total debt. You have to look at your current financial situation and see where you are struggling.

Another important element of this reality check is getting your hands on your credit report. You want to see if creditors have been reporting your payments late, or if there is any listing for accounts in collections. You want to make sure all the information is accurate—your credit may already be in the toilet, but you don’t want the score any lower than it has to be because of incorrect information.

If you do find information that is wrong, or can no longer be verified, you might consider professional financial assistance with a reputable firm who can help make the changes more quickly. Don’t fall for claims from companies that say they can get all negative information removed—if it’s accurate, it sticks.


If you are like most people with financial issues, you probably are dealing with money woes on various fronts. You may be dealing with debt, budgeting properly, saving money, contributing to retirement funds or meeting various financial obligations all at the same time. This is one of the reasons we get into money trouble in the first place—the problems mount and it just seems so overwhelming to deal with everything.

The best way to overcome this hurdle is to prioritize your problems and decide the top three or five, or whatever, you will deal with first. If your debt isn’t too bad, for example, you may want to focus on increasing contributions to retirement funds, or padding your emergency fund. Think of what is weighing most heavily on you, and what actions will provide the greatest sense of relief.

Forgive Yourself of Past Financial Transgressions

This may sound like an odd piece of advice for money matters, but getting in a good place emotionally is always a primary component of making positive changes in any aspect of life. It is likely you have a lot of anger towards yourself for making poor financial decisions for so long. You look at the mess you have created, and all the mental turmoil you have suffered through, and think how stupid you were to let things go on for as long as they did. If you had only done something sooner. It is understandable, but do your best to abandon this line of thinking. You can’t change the past now, and the best you can do is vow to be better moving forward. Forgive yourself and look towards the future.

If you have reached a point where you have decided to do something about your financial problems, you are way ahead of the curve already. Just commit to taking things one step at a time, and things will get better even faster than you can probably imagine now.