Budgeting tips for the time poor

6ba3605851ed4aac902edd4d126357a3There’s never enough time these days is there? For most of us, there’s not quite enough money either, and while there are thousands – probably millions – of money-conscious titbits floating in and out of our Inboxes on a regular basis, not everyone has the spare time to make their own pasta or visit three hundred different shopping sites just to get the best deal on the new iPad. Even wealth creation training organisations like Knowledge to Action see a lot of students aiming to improve their financial intelligence on a tight time scale and an even tighter household budget. So what can you do to budget? Below are some helpful tips help you on the path to becoming budgeting master.

Slow Cookers

If you don’t have a slow cooker, get one. Not only can you put your dinner on first thing in the morning, but you can also use cheaper cuts of meat because the hours of slow cooking ensure the meat will be soft by the time you get in. Picture it: you chop up a few carrots, throw in a little chuck steak, a tin of tomatoes (or fresh if you’ve the time to chop), a few herbs and spices, and you’re out the door. By the time you get home from a tough day at the office, your house is filled with the warm, welcoming aroma of warming casserole and all you have to do is whip up some couscous, pop it in a bowl and you can log on to your online course, or walk the dog, or fit in a jog before bed – whatever you’d prefer to do. Not only have you made a healthy, wholesome, nutritious meal, but you’ve avoided the cost of takeout food, and you’ve probably got enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow (another win for your budget).
h3>Work Out While You Learn

A healthy body and a healthy mind go together right? Rather than paying for that gym membership, and running on those machines while watching the three-hundredth rerun of Seinfeld, try walking or running outdoors for free. Get your latest wealth creation training information on audio and play it while you work out; yes, it’s multitasking and yes, it’s a little more challenging than doing one thing at a time, but think of the time you’ll save – and never having to face those showers at the gym again.

Use It All

A big budget saver is to reduce your waste. Got leftover potato? Mash it with some other veggies for tomorrow’s pasta sauce; any left after that? Soup for lunch the next day. Don’t forget to freeze anything by the third day. Set yourself a challenge; not to let anything go off in the fridge. Find a way to use everything in there by the stipulated time. You’ll be amazed at how creative you can get.

If you’re trying to do almost anything else with your life besides earn a living, eat and sleep, you’ll find yourself time poor. If you’re actually trying to improve yourself as well, perhaps by taking a course or working out, you’ve got even less time, and your programs may be costing you some money. You don’t have to give everything up, but there are some budgeting tips you can use to make things a little easier for yourself.

What’s your top budgeting tip when you’re in a rush? Help someone out by sharing your information below.