5 tips to save money on when choosing your family car insurance

Remember your first car? I know I do. It was my dad’s old car, so I was basically driving around in a hand-me-down. But being the young buck I was, I didn’t really care. All I cared about was driving on the open road with my crew and being the guy who had a ride to the party. It was freedom.

But owning a car is a BIG responsibility. After getting your car and paying the appropriate taxes, you have to make sure it’s insured. Having your car insured is not only for you and your car, but also for the other motorists and non-motorists should something untoward happen.

What’s equally important is saving a little bit of your hard earned cash when choosing your family car insurance. I’m not saying look for the cheap ones either, because in the insurance claim game, you get what you pay for.

I’ve listed five of my best tips to save you money on car insurance, so you can get the most out of owning a car and leave your worries in the trunk.

Drive like you mean it

Driving is a skill. It’s not a craft like writing or drawing. Babies can’t drive. So if driving is a skill, then anyone can do it, and anyone can get better! Be sure to be a responsible and competent driver before getting behind the wheel. Remember, you will be guiding a moving object that weighs more than a ton. Plus, any negative points on your driver’s license will make it harder and more expensive for you to buy coverage, so stay safe on the road. Follow the rules, respect other motorists and you’ll be fine.

Go find deals online

I love this strategy. Sadly, not a lot of people know about it. If you’ve ever used Groupon, then you know what I’m talking about. Insurance Companies give out a lot of discounts if you sign up and do everything online because it’s cheaper for them to process your application. Many insurers are turning to the internet for added marketing because nowadays, the battle is fought and won online.

To Claim or not to Claim

That is the question. My answer is don’t claim, especially if it’s just a small bump that a few minor repairs can’t fix. The reason for my no claim tip is that if an insurer sees that you are a claims magnet, your premium will automatically go up. If you claim every year, forget about saving money. If you don’t claim however, and reserve it for the bigger fender benders, then you can even get a no claims discount (NCD), knocking off about 50% off on your premium if you haven’t claimed for five straight years.

Choose the best possible car

When I bought my first car, I literally spent weeks doing my research. I was checking crash test data, fuel efficiency statistics, driving comfort studies, etc. I was devouring car reviews and looking for the best ride that fit what I wanted in a car. Insurance companies divide cars into groups depending on their engine size and the future cost of repairs: the higher the insurance group, the higher the premium, so when buying a new car, always check the models insurance rating.

Keep her safe

Yes, my car has a name. I call her Eleanor, and I always keep her safe. I make it a point to always choose the best and safest parking space. I also invested in a state of the art car security system that immobilizes the engine when started by a rouge key. I can also track my car via GPS and when the alarm is triggered, Eleanor sends me a text message. She’s awesome that way. Insurance agencies will have to approve of all of this added security though, so please consult with them first.