5 ways to save money on your pet-sitting yearly cost

You love your dog like a member of your family and you probably remember its birthday and celebrate it even if it doesn’t have a clue what a ‘birthday’ is! Most dogs and dog owners bond so well that staying apart from each other is not a happy situation at all. Also, there is no way you can take your dog everywhere you go and  vacations are that time of the year when you are forced to leave your furry friend behind.
Getting a person or a service to take care of your pet while you are away can be a costly affair. It is also a difficult decision to make because you want to make sure that your dog is with someone who loves it and takes good care of it, and not with someone who does it only because it pays well.

There are many pet-sitting services which have competent people to take good care of your dogs. But then it would not be light on your pocket, especially if you are going away for long. Here are some ways you can save on your pet-sitting yearly cost without compromising on your dog’s welfare and happiness.

  1. Leave your pet with a friend or a family member:
    You most definitely have a friend or a member in your family who loves your dog and gets along really well with her.  You could ask him or her to keep your dog while you are away. Even if the person insists otherwise, you should give him or her money to take care of your dog’s expenses while you are away. You can always bring your friend something really nice from your vacation as a token of your appreciation. The result will be happy people and a happy dog!
  1. Sign up for a package with a pet-sitting service:
    Many pet services offer packages and deals for frequent customers. Even if it is just a two week vacation every year, it makes sense stick to a service you trust and get a membership discount. Also, you could also use the same service wherever you have to make an unplanned trip.


  1. Get a two in one pet and house sitter:
    Whether you are going away just for a few nights or for a few weeks, it would be a good idea to get a house and pet sitter combined. This would work really well for your dog too as it would be in the same environment which she knows so well. You could ask a student or a teenager you know and trust to take care of your house and your dog while you are away. If you choose this option, be clear about the house rules and what is expected of your ‘caretaker’.


  1. Trade the favour with a neighbour who has a pet:
    You could make an arrangement with a neighbour that you take care of each other’s pets while the other family is away. The dog will be happier to stay in the same neighbourhood with people it knows and you could enjoy your vacation without a care in the world.
  2.  Get online:
    There are online communities dedicated to taking care of pets while owners are away where you could find people who love animals to take care of your pet for a reasonable price. You should check out profiles with the best ratings, visit the person with your pet and see if your dog is comfortable before you make the decision. A lot of coupon aggregating and deals websites would have discount coupons for pet boarding services. You could always find a great deal online. Always trust your instincts, if you or your dog doesn’t like the place or dog-sitter, walk away even if it’s a good deal.