Is Black Friday Shopping Worth the Savings?

1739ced6872448cfae18e5ecaadf6f72Black Friday is quickly approaching, and once again, stores are opening up even earlier than they did last year. Many shoppers plan on skipping out on a restful Thanksgiving to stand in lines and get good deals. I will not be one of them.

Black Friday has a lot of good sales, but none that are worth the time spent to get them. What is the point of saving $10 on an item when you have to wait an hour and half to get it? You might as well work minimum wage for that time. Also, many of the deals are nothing extreme that you can’t find other times of the year or online.

Online shopping – now that is where most people should focus their shopping deals. Majority of the amazing deals that stores are offering can be found online. You can shop for the deals while in your pajamas and free from pushy people and lines. Of course, not all deals can be purchased online, and sometimes an online deal is so hot that you have to pray your Internet connection is faster than everyone else’s connection to get the deal.

Another reason I will not be hitting up Black Friday sales (besides being 7 months pregnant and getting all the sleep I can), is because I have done most of my Christmas shopping already. People brag about getting all of their shopping done on Black Friday, but I have had mine done for the majority of the year – without stress.

For all the kid cousins, I bought their clothing after Christmas the previous year. They all grow pretty steadily, so it is not too hard to guess their next size. For toys, I shopped the Target toy clearance in August. For adult gifts, I just pick up discounted gift cards from Costco or Sam’s Club. Even Vons will have gift card deals too. I either give the gift cards as is, or I wait for the store to have a deal that will make my gift card go further.

For example, you can get $100 worth of gift cards for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for $79.99. You can either split this into smaller gift card amounts, give four people gifts that cost you less than $20 a person, or buy a ton of coffee and mugs on their website with coupons and promo codes. Are you thinking, “Coffee and gift cards – how boring?” Coffee and gift cards may seem like generic gifts, but at least you are giving something that will be used and enjoyed. Where as, if you just shop the Black Friday deals, you may not know if you are giving someone something they wanted or just another piece of junk.

Call me the Black Friday scrooge if you like, but I seriously recommend enjoying your Thanksgiving with your family and sleeping in rather than hitting up the sales.

Are you going Black Friday shopping this year? What time will you be in the lines?