Why choose Manchester to study finance courses?

There are few more formative decisions in life that selecting a place to pursue a university or post-graduate degree. For practical minded students who are intrigued by the world of business and finance, there are few better options than the London School of Business & Finance Manchester University. Offering a range of programmes for undegraduate, postgraduate and professional level courses, LSBF Manchester is an ideal place to build and develop a robust and dynamic career in all types of industry. Let’s take a look at life on campus in Manchester.


Studying in Manchester

Manchester is a renowned destination for learning, industry and business and his home to some truly innovative and influential companies. With a student population of nearly 90,000, Manchester is also an exciting place for young people to live. The city is well connected both locally and internationally and offers a diverse range of cultural, educational and professional opportunities, making it one of the most desirable places for study in the UK. Many students at LSBF Manchester begin building their careers in the city upon completion of their studies thanks to the incredible relationships they build during their time there. The city is home to a number of cultural attractions, great pubs and restaurants and exciting nightlife, meaning students can always find something to entertain when they’re not hard at work.

Career Development

LSBF Manchester offers an incredibly comprehensive range of services to help students develop strong skills to cultivate long and successful careers. With one on one advice, personal training, group workshops and amazing networking opportunities, students are able to build a strong professional foundation as part of their academic experience. The Faculty at LSBF Manchester is comprised of exceptional tutors who are leaders in both industry and academia and who have worked in many high profile organisations throughout the world. Their experience and expertise allows them to offer students practical hands-on learning opportunities and in-depth insight into the business world. For many students, tutors are the first professional connections they make and over time come to be some of the most formative and influential professional relationships in many graduates careers.

The World at Your Fingertips

The wider LSBF network enables Manchester campus students to take advantage of global business hubs throughout Europe, Asia and North America, providing students with incredible international opportunities that enable them to develop a global network. That said, students don’t have to travel far at all to get a taste of different cultures. The Manchester campus is home to students from over 150 countries throughout the world, creating an incredibly vibrant student culture that enriches both personal and professional experiences. Students cultivate friendships and professional relationships with people from around the world which often leads to exciting and sometimes surprising opportunities that might otherwise never have been possible. LSBF is also renowned for its global corporate partners which help ensure programmes include key skills that businesses are looking for, so students are given every available advantage upon entering the global workforce.

Manchester offers students every opportunity for success. With a focus on professional development and a vibrant student culture, LSBF Manchester is an ideal place to live, study and begin building an exciting career in any number of disciplines within the thriving world of business and finance.