Top Six Reasons Accountants Are So Hard to Hire

There are companies looking for Chartered Accountants to fill a gap. You’ve got an accounting degree, and you are ready to go out and land a great job. Before you do that, keep a few things that could prevent you from gaining your dream job or advancing in your career. Understand how the six issues below negatively impact your career trajectory.

You’re seen as a tax professional

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Sure, you can look over a tax return and figure out who owes money or deserves a refund. Can you also prepare financial spreadsheets, annual forecasts, or analysis on a company? Companies need someone with multiple skills to deal with the complex deals, and online accounting degree programs offering training in these areas can help you get a head start.

You don’t further your education

You have your degree and think it’s all you need. That belief is incorrect. You must keep up-to-date on various new laws, regulations, and even memos a company sends out, not to mention what’s changing or evolving in the future of accounting. Keep your education going by getting certifications or taking courses on the side. Learning more information about accounting and financing gets you hired quicker.

You hide behind your desk and won’t take charge

No, you’re not the CEO. Still, as an accountant, you are responsible for handling your company’s money. If something good or bad happens, you will be one of the first people they will evaluate. You need to have great managerial skills to deal with the company’s finances and any media requests. If you can’t be a leader in these kinds of situations, you will not last long at a job.

You’re not actually getting enough education in the first place

While you should further your education to get ahead in your career, the company or school could also help you get the qualifications you need. Companies can either offer internships to help students understand what skills they need, or schools can add more courses to the degree program. These online accounting degree programs can achieve both goals.

You aren’t thinking about the long-term

If you aren’t working for a company now, think about what you want to offer for years to come. Most people hired as CEOs were once CFO for their company. Think about broadening your skills and learning about a company’s history to open doors to other opportunities.

You don’t stand out from your peers

Failing to address any of those reasons above will definitely decrease your chances of getting hired by a company. If accounting and finance jobs are hard to fill, it means everyone has the same basic skills and training. Don’t be like them. Take the extra certifications, get an internship, and attend more courses that specialize in all kinds of accounting.

These six reasons are hurting accountants who want to be hired and promoted. There are people in the market who aren’t taking the time to improve their resumes by attacking these concerns. You can use these tips to help you land a job you can enjoy and create a memorable career.