Being Prepared: Hassle Free House Moving Explained

Moving house can often be described as one of the most stressful experiences in your life, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan and prepare ahead.

In our guide to moving house, there are some tips and advice so that you can enjoy a hassle free moving experience, or at least be fully prepared when things do start to go off-plan.

Get a good conveyancing solicitor

It might seem an odd tip when providing moving advice, but hiring a professional conveyancer will be crucial in helping your move goes to plan and runs to schedule.

Having a degree of confidence and certainty about your planned move and the timescale involved, is a vital contributory factor to getting your move completed as smoothly as possible.

Allow plenty of time

Sometimes you have to move in a hurry if you have a work or family deadline to work to, but if you can give yourself as much time as possible to complete each item on your checklist, it will definitely feel less stressful.

Moving is a great time to have a bit of a purge and get rid of some unwanted items. Having a garage sale or listing your unwanted items on an auction site, will raise a bit of cash and also mean a few less boxes to find a home for in your new place.

Leaving yourself plenty of time to plan your move, will allow you the opportunity to have a sort out and sell or donate items that you no longer want.

Keep documents safe

One of the most common causes for raised stress levels shortly after moving house is the inability to locate important documents that you need refer to or check.

Arrange to store al your important documents and paperwork in a secure document box and make sure you keep it in an easily accessible place where you know it will not be lost or misplaced. If you are extra cautious and have the time, you could scan and create some electric copies on your computer.

Have a plan

There are a number of different parties involved in the moving process so it is not always easy to have complete control over events, but having a plan will help.

You need to be prepared to take a flexible approach to planning and make allowances for any changes or have a contingency plan that you can fall back on if things start to go wrong with proposed date or time of your intended move.

Taking a flexible approach but having a plan that covers most eventualities, will help to keep the stress levels lower than they would be if suddenly encounter an unexpected obstacle or issue.

Part of you planning process should include a checklist, so that you can tick off every task as it is completed and leave very little to chance of anything being forgotten or not actioned at the right time.

Consider hiring a moving company

You may well be prepared and confident that you could hire a van and do the moving all by yourself, but if you want a far more hassle-free experience, you should see if your budget can stretch to hiring a professional local or interstate moving company. But if you are looking for something more comfortable and international, then this removals company is the best option for you.

Entrusting your possessions to a professional company that handles the task of moving people every day will help you to save a lot of time and energy and allow you be fully prepared when they arrive to deliver your items to your new home.

Surviving the day

Irrespective of whether you move yourself or use a removal firm, moving day will seem to pass very quickly and it is all too easy to skip meals and drinks due to the constraints on your time.

If you are not well-fed and properly hydrated throughout the day, it can soon takes its toll. Pack yourself a moving day survival kit that include not just some food and plenty of water, but also includes handy items like your mobile phone charger and even some toilet roll.

Tips to consider

A few other tips to help the move go as smoothly as possible, include avoiding moving on a Friday or Monday if you can possibly help it.

These are understandably the busiest days for bookings but also for traffic if you have a journey ahead. If you can book a md-week slot with your removals company, you might even get a slightly better deal and you won’t be battling against the traffic either.

Also remember to redirect your mail before you leave your old house, as Royal Mail will normally send a security confirmation to your existing address as part of the setting up procedure. Also write down a set of instructions for the new owners about how to work things like the boiler etc.

An act of kindness can help greatly if you subsequently have to liaise with the new occupants over mail or items left behind that you need to collect.

Edward Cross has been building a property investment portfolio over the last decade and a half. He has faced many challenges in that time and he enjoys sharing his solutions and insights through blogging.