4 Cheap Ways to Move Houses

5209354360a44fc3beb7b8b133c31c7bBy the end of this week, I will have moved five times in five years with help of Focus Moving.

I don’t enjoy moving, so it is purely due to financial circumstances that has led us to move this many times in as many years. Before, it was because we had to keep down-sizing, then it was because we could finally afford more space.

With each move, we’ve promised ourselves we would hire movers the next time. And with our last move, we swore, for sure, next time we would hire a moving company as Long distance moving company, Moving Place.

But even now that we can actually afford to splurge on a moving company, we still can’t justify spending an estimated $800 to hire world relocators when we’re physically able to do it ourselves.

We would rather use that money to go toward something else.

After five moves, I think we’ve got moving down to a science. Here are our tips on cheap ways to move houses.

Network for Boxes

I can never justify spending money on boxes because there are so many boxes in the world that are completely free. Why would I pay for a box full of air?

Just like networking, it’s time to start telling everyone that you’re moving, and ask if they have any boxes. Ask your company if you can keep any empty boxes. Ask your family and friends if they have boxes at their work that you could take.

Even better, sometimes someone knows someone else that just moved, and is trying to get rid of their boxes.

Check Craigslist—a lot of times people will list free boxes when they’ve just moved.

There are plenty of ways to get boxes for free, so don’t bother paying for them.

Hire Friends and Family

The truth is, if you’re always asking friends and family to help you move, you won’t have any friends and family left.

Definitely ask them to help you move, but I think you should always offer to pay, even if it’s just $10 an hour.

Day laborers are often available at home improvement stores, and also charge around $10 an hour.

Rent or Borrow a Truck

We have rented U-Hauls, and have also borrowed large trucks from friends. To make the least amount of trips, we definitely splurge for the U-Haul. At $29.95 for a 17-foot truck, plus $.99 cents a mile (it’s 12 miles round trip), you can’t get any cheaper.

Host a Packing Party

For the cost of some beer and getting rid of any snacks you don’t want to move, you can easily host a packing party. We had about 5 relatives come over and help us pack up, and we had most of the house packed up in 4 hours. There is strength in numbers.

Bonus: Be Thankful

To move on the cheap, you definitely need to call on the help of friends and family. So it’s important to always remember to be thankful and gracious for their generosity.

How do you move on the cheap? Do you pack and move everything yourself, or do you hire the job out?</strong