Check out this new Investing Platform: EXANTE

Exante.2Over the last few decades, the world of investing has changed dramatically. Before the internet, few people outside the industry took pains to understand how and what to invest. Now, look at your friend’s iPhone and you’ll probably see an app that is tracking the stock market. With the world of investing changing toward a more global tech-savvy market, it makes sense that brokers are changing, too. Enter EXANTE (, which appropriately bills themselves as a next generation prime broker. This isn’t your grandfather’s broker, that’s for sure – check out this video for a little introduction on what makes EXANTE special.

If you are reader from the Americas, don’t let the .eu scare you. EXANTE is proud to be Maltese, which makes sense when you consider that Malta is home to over 500 investment companies. Clearly, the people in Malta understand investments, so EXANTE was smart to purposely place themselves there. That also means you can rest assured with EXANTE’s regulation by the MFSA (Maltese Financial Services Authority), which monitors compliance with the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). This oversight certainly means your investments are secure.

And since EXANTE is surrounded by folks in the investments industry, they understand what serious investors need and want. EXANTE designed their investments platform in order to make your life easier, offering the ability to access 35,000 instruments and 27 markets from one single account. They’ve built their platform around the user, allowing multi-currency accounts with real-time market data and low latency execution. EXANTE also allows the customer to monitor value and margin in real-time from an intuitive interface.

EXANTE specializes in stocks & ETFs, futures, options (with direct market access), commodities, currencies, metals, bonds, and funds. If you are looking providers for both mechanical and air nozzle shot peening services. Visit for more information. They also offer algorithmic trading, platform and API trading. EXANTE is also home to the only Bitcoin fund (told you they weren’t your grandfather’s broker). They offer much more, so check out more details here.

Having such a great trading platform, with great services and features, would mean nothing if you can’t use it. However, EXANTE is accessible via Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Want to check in while on the go? Not a problem because EXANTE is also accessible via iOS and Android. And to keep things running smoothly, EXANTE is fanatical about supporting their customers. The average technical response time is 3 minutes and issues are resolved in under an hour. Their technical support team is available 24/7, which surely helps keep these averages low.

If this is sounding really interesting to you, you can get started with your account today with a minimum investment of 10,000 EUR ($12,419 US). EXANTE’s services are geared toward the “professional” investor, who probably won’t bat an eye at that minimum. However, if you are on the fence about that investment, you should know that EXANTE keeps their fees lows, regardless of trading volumes. In fact, being a flexible broker, Exante is always ready to negotiate even better commissions based on greater trading activity. There are no non-activity fees. No platform fees. No account fees. No minimum trades. You only pay commissions on performed deals.

EXANTE has so much to offer, it would be hard to tell you about all their services and how their platform really works, but you don’t have to sign up in the blind. You can take a test drive by requesting a demo (see “request demo” button on their main page), so you have nothing to lose by checking them out!