The Best Discount Sites to Use to Score Holiday Deals

There are a limited number of days to get the best holiday gifts, which is why it’s essential to make the most of your time and shop online. Not only is it easier and less time-consuming to shop online, but with the right websites, you can save a lot of money.

Here are my favorite six best discount sites for finding the holiday loot you need this year.


This is a forum that is constantly updated with deals. Since this site is updated by users, the wide range of deals posted each day is quite impressive. You can find deals on just about anything, from gadgets to magazine subscriptions.

There are a few different cash back sites available, but Ebates is a favorite due to its simplicity and wide range of cash back offers. Many times I will not remember to use Ebates until I am at the checkout.

No worries, just open up Ebates, click on the store you wanted to shop at, and then you can still checkout while Ebates tracks your order. For those new to Ebates, they offer a bonus sign up card, and for the month of December, they are offering a special $75 bonus for referring three friends.

This site is all Target deals and updated several times a day. It’s a great resource for those shopping in-store and online. I have found some amazing deals posted on this site that I didn’t even find on other popular deal sites.

I also love that the site has all of the coupon match ups with links to printable coupons. I love to save money, but I don’t like to take the time to coupon and figure out deals. This site takes the guesswork and time out of the perks of couponing.

I am a huge fan of Amazon. It’s hard not to be. They are constantly offering good deals, they price match major competitors, and they offer fast and free shipping.

I have bought several things this past week for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. It’s so nice to avoid the mall and just shop Amazon in my pajamas. I have the Prime membership, which I also highly recommend. This means I get almost everything within two days of ordering it.

Since it’s their busiest time, I love that they offer the option of “no-rush shipping” in exchange for a $1 e-book, MP3, or video credit. So far I have racked up about $10 in credit and still have received my stuff quickly. If you are a last-minute shopper, this is the only site I trust to deliver on time.

Printable Coupons Blogspot

This is my favorite site for finding printable retail store coupons. Sometimes searching through other coupon sites can be frustrating, but this site is well laid out.

This is another hugely popular site, and for good reason. Out of several online coupon code sites I visit regularly, RetailMeNot seems to have the widest selection of codes, and I have had about 90% success with them working. On other sites, I end up wasting a good 20 minutes putting in codes that are invalid or expired because the site doesn’t update regularly.

What is your favorite discount site? Have you used a deal site before, or do you shop locally?