How to Fight the Temptation to Spend on Yourself When Shopping for Others

c2dce850cca147b39310c77ac9c516c4Have you ever been out shopping or scouting deals for gifts, only to find yourself overwhelmed with the temptation to buy for yourself? It’s very easy to go out shopping for others this season and come back with huge shopping bags full of things for yourself.

However, treating yourself too often this season can have you feeling a little budget strained by the end of the month. Here are 5 ways to avoid the temptation of shopping for yourself while shopping for others.

Don’t Shop Under Stress

If you’re trying to squeeze in all of your holiday shopping after an already stressful week, then you’ll be tempted to buy more. You may find yourself justifying small purchases for yourself here and there.

When we are stressed, it’s easier for ourselves to feel that we deserve a “special treat”. Try tackling your shopping list on days you aren’t stressed.

Another trick is to be honest with yourself while shopping. Ask yourself if an item is truly going to make you happy or feel less stressed. The answer is usually a temporary “yes”, but a big fat “no” in the long run.

Give Generic Gifts

Of course we all want to give our family and friends nice gifts, but gift cards always work too. They may be a bit more generic, but most people don’t mind receiving a gift card. This can help eliminate the temptation to overspend on yourself because most gift cards can easily be purchased at grocery stores.

Shop With Cash

Another easy way to stop yourself from spending on yourself is to shop with only cash. This will make you ultra-focused on your budget for your holiday gifts.

Obviously, you won’t be able to buy those extra pair of discounted boots for yourself because you won’t have enough cash. Shopping with cash in hand can also help you stick to a tight gift budget. If you only have $20 to spend on your niece, you won’t be tempted to buy her that amazing Barbie castle that’s way over your budget.

Focus on Giving Yourself the Gift of Being Debt Free

The holidays are supposed to inspire a giving spirit in us, but many times they spur a greedy spirit. While shopping, you have to remind yourself that you really don’t need the extra things. It may seem like a deal is too good to pass up, but the truth is, being debt-free at the end of the season is too good to pass up.

Do Your Shopping Earlier in the Year

If you really struggled this year with overspending on purchases for yourself, try getting your shopping done earlier next year. Who says you have to do your holiday shopping in December? You can easily find great deals in February or June and save them for holiday gifts. Shopping earlier may help you to avoid the temptation of spending on yourself since you won’t be battling the stress of the holidays.

How do you resist the urge to spend on yourself when shopping for others?

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