Making it to the Top as a Woman in UK’s Banking Industry

Two Businesswomen Meeting In OfficeEach time worldwide recession hits, banking behemoths and other fiscal institutions see a sudden cut back in revenue and even job opportunities. The trouble today is that major organisations are functioning in a testosterone-fuelled environment making it exceedingly difficult for a woman to succeed in attaining a coveted post in the banking field in UK. However, the good news for many women in the finance field is that this practice is soon going to change.

  • Equal Opportunity Employers

There are a few organisations that believe in gender equality and continue to offer females top positions in their institutions. Barclays has claimed to increase the percentage of females in senior positions to 26% in the next few years. Lloyds Banking Group in the United Kingdom wishes to attain a similar state with ladies in senior management roles rising from the current 27% to a whopping 40% by 2020.

  • Industry Insights for Career Progression

Convey with complete clarity that you are indeed looking for a long term working opportunity and career progression in their organisation. It cannot hurt to inform them of your ability to operate well with a narrow deadline either. This field is all about long hours; good money and hard work so you must ensure the recruiters that you are indeed a target-oriented applicant who performs well under pressure. Imbibe determination in yourself and be prepared to put in the hours if you wish to reach a coveted position in your career.

Let your prospective employers know that you love daily challenges and work well as a team player and your chances of securing an important post in their firm will see a high spike.

  • How Networking Aids your Quest for Employment

The demand does not always exceed the supply which is what necessitates you to be ready to grab every opportunity that swings by you. In case you’re looking for a break, don’t shy away from online job searches and enlist at a job portal. Networking plays an important role in finding about job vacancies, so you must keep in touch with your peers in the sector.

Professors at business school and colleagues at your last place of internship can also be valuable sources from where you might hear about vacancies.

  • Ways to Impress Interviewers

When called for an interview, remember to polish your accounting and financial skills along with every minute detail you learnt at school or college. Exhibiting mathematical talent can impress the recruiters as well, which might just snag you a job. Go the extra mile and aim to impress the recruiters with your academic prowess, knowledge of the field and passion. Do remember to carry any awards or certificates you may have received that are relevant to the industry.

As a woman in the field of banking, you must assure your prospective employers that you are serious about the offered opportunity and that you will work with dedication. With the apparent rise in employers offering equal opportunities, there has never been a better time to rise to the top.