5 Free Apps to Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

5 free apps to get you started on losing weight!Are you one of the millions of Americans looking to lose weight this year?

Way to go! Don’t let naysayers discourage you from reaching your weight loss goals. One of the easiest ways to weight loss is by wearing a corset for weight loss, wich will help you achieve your goals faster. Hopefully you’ve already checked out our post on how to stay healthy on a budget, where we focus on great tips for meeting health goals without spending a lot of money. People actually complement this by taking supplements as complete metabolism thyroid support which regulate the system and make you reach your goal faster.

But everyone knows that a good weight loss goal needs a good mix of nutrition and exercise. While everyone automatically assumes that a gym membership is the only way to go, they can be costly.

Fitness apps are actually a great way to delve into exercise routines and find something that works for you before you splurge on an expensive gym membership. Here are some of the best fitness trackers out there now. I am sure there are some I am missing so feel free to let us know about them so that they can be included in the next article.

5 Free Apps to Help You Lose Weight

1. Nike Training Club: This app features 30-45 minute workouts based on your goal (Get Lean, Toned, Strong, or Focused) and fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Photos accompany each workout which help perfect your form.

The workouts are based on timed, drill-based circuit training which is designed to get you the most calories burned in the least amount of time possible.

2. GymPact: Make money working out? Wait, what?

That’s the idea behind this app, which makes you place bets on how much you plan on working out. Meet your goal? Get paid! Don’t meet your goal? You’re charged. Get your friends and family to join to make it more personal.

3. My Fitness Pal: Everyone knows that losing weight is 20% working out, and 80% food intake, which is where My Fitness Pal comes in. Track every single bite of food that enters your body. My Fitness Pal will keep count for you and let you know what percentage of calories come from carbs, proteins and fats.

Keep track of your workouts too and see how many calories you burned by inputting some information. Follow your friends and family to help stay even more accountable.

4. Hot5: Who has time for a long workout these days?

If you’re in need of a quick fix, Hot5 is for you. It includes lots of video workouts ranging from yoga to pilates to abs and core, and you can get a quick fix in—you guessed it—five minutes.

5. Daily Burn: Create weight loss goals, track workouts and weight, and read articles on nutrition and exercise with this nutrition app. Shape magazine says this is “great for a beginner who isn’t sure how much power they need in their workout app.”

What are your favorite free fitness apps? How do you exercise for free?