Easy Tips To Boost Your Savings

Like the rest of the human race, your bank balance is just about coming to terms with the horrors of Christmas and New Years. Now is the perfect time to change some habits. Do some ringing around, save yourself a whole heap of cash and repair the damage done to your bank account.



Your home is probably by far the most expensive single purchase you will ever make. If however you have a change in circumstance, you may be able to pay more than the monthly installments. At the end of your agreement, you will have saved a lot of money in interest payments..

Credit Cards

Ok, credit cards are convenient, everyone should have one for those little mishaps such as a tire failing on your car. The truth is though that whilst they are a great thing to have around they also cause us the most debt with interest payments. Keep them clear, and keep them around in a cupboard just in case you do need them.


The majority of us have a cell phone these days, so why do we need to have a landline? If you spend most of your day at work anyway, cut the cord and save yourself a heap on costly providers.

Look into the data package that you signed up to on your monthly cell phone. Many of us have got contracts supplying far more data and minutes than we actually need. Consider buying a prepaid sim for your cell. This will give you much more control and will be much cheaper providing you can do without the latest handsets.


Why not have a clear out of all your old junk on eBay, what’s the saying? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Well that is true, have a look around the garage and the attic. See if you got any new clothes for Christmas that just aren’t going to fit ever and sell them on to raise some cash.


Shop around for the best currency rates and maybe go for self catering. We all need a long and relaxing break, but it doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth. Another great way, to save money, is get last minute deals or get on an airline waiting list. They love to fill a plane up to the maximum, and great savings can be had.


Never and I will repeat this one, NEVER go to the grocery store hungry. You will buy far more than you actually need and half the stuff you pick up will end up going off long before you ever eat it. Go with a plan, make a list and stick to it. Look out for bargains but be careful not to get sucked in by the buy 2 get one free deals. Sometimes they do make sense, but remember that the other two items are priced to make it look a good deal when it often isn’t.

Another tip for the grocery store is to ensure you purchase own brand products. Many of these are made by the premium manufacturers anyway and cost far less just because they don’t have a fancy label.