The 2015 Toyota Yaris: More bang for your buck

It’s 2015 and you need to upgrade your ride to something new and fresh, but then you realize you only have room in your budget to get a subcompact car. Subcompacts have come a long way nowadays, actively competing with their bigger siblings feature for feature, sometimes even one-upping the big brothers when it comes to bling.

But don’t be like Gollum and latch yourself on to the first shiny subcompact you see. Ask yourself these questions first, before you make a decision:

  1. Is the car made by a trusted and world class auto-maker?
  2. Is the car solid and built to last?
  3. Am I getting value for my money?

Pretty simple and straightforward questions, but when you really think about it, these three should cover the basics in your decision. Other questions like safety and features can come after. Based on these set of questions, the guys at Toyota may have something for you: The 2015 Toyota Yaris.

To answer the questions above:

  1. The Yaris is made by Toyota, the #1 auto maker in the world.
  2. Toyotas are renowned for being well built vehicles and last a long time when properly maintained.
  3. The 2015 Yaris gives you more bang for your buck because aside from carrying the Toyota badge, the car also got a refresh and was given new styling options and more accessories, even for the lower models.

It’s a Car

Toyota’s marketing department came up with the “It’s a car” slogan when the new Yaris came out in 2012 in the hopes that car buyers would look past the fact that it’s a small car. A car is a car no matter the size. That was the idea anyway, and as it turns out, it received a mix bag of reactions. Fast forward to 2015 and the new Yaris is still a car, albeit refreshed, with a new front fascia, better interiors and new tech trims.

2015 Refresh

The 2015 Yaris was given a new front fascia. It now looks like an angry bird with something to prove. Under the hood is the same economical 16 valve 1.5 liter in-line 4 that pumps out 106 horsepower and 103 lb ft of torque rated at 30 mpg city/37 mpg highway for the manual transmission and 30/36 for auto. Pretty meager performance by today’s subcompact standards are the aforementioned 1.5 L engine and the outdated 4 speed automatic transmission. We just wish Toyota outfitted this iteration of the Yaris with something a bit snappier, especially for the SE.

Where this car shines however, is located down under. All models come with re-tuned suspension, a stiffer unibody and sound dampening insulation found on bigger Toyotas, promising new owners a comfy yet sporty ride and a quiet cabin. Toyota also tweaked the steering, even giving the base L model sportier driving dynamics and all models fitted with manual transmissions get a revised clutch for smoother shifting.

Another improvement worth mentioning is the level of trim on all models. Even the base Yaris gets something cool these days and they’re not of the bargain basement variety either, so if you’re not that particular about engine displacement and other boring stuff, at least you’ll be happy inside the car because of the restyled interiors and sportier materials.

3 Flavors

The Yaris is available either as a 3 or 5 door hatchback, with the L and LE models available with both 3 and 5 doors while the top of the line SE is only available with 5 doors.  If you’re single and want a “hot hatch” look, go for the 3 door versions. You can soup it up later, trust me.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new car for 2015, the Yaris certainly won’t disappoint. Its revamped styling both on the exterior and interior is a sight for sore eyes. They could’ve updated the engine, but hey, if the car can take you where you need to go in relative comfort and a little pizzazz, then it’s worth a shot. Plus, it’s a Toyota so you can’t go wrong.

So head on out to your nearest Toyota dealer now to check out this angry looking bird, and compare the different trims while you’re at it. Hint: the SE rocks.