Make extra cash – set up your own business!

Home is where the business is – that is, at least, true if you’re a small startup fish in the huge corporate pond.

If you’re looking for a few extra pennies this year, then opening a small business from home could be exactly what you need.

Whether you’re an eBay merchandise hawker or a top-notch web designer, having a little company on the side can look great on your CV, help you develop skills to benefit your main career and give you a hefty injection of cash.

Who knows – it could even become your main source of income.

But if you’re setting up a company from home, what do you need to know?

The right kind of delivery

Have you ever experienced a truly abominable delivery service? It’s like being trapped in a production of Waiting for Godot – but with no option for an interval.

You’ll be told your parcel is due to arrive between 9am Monday and 5pm Friday, so you pick up some supplies from Tesco, book a week off work and wait. Just when you’ve been sitting for so long that you feel like rigor mortis has set in, you find a note hammered into your door. When you need a venture capital loan for your business you can have a peek here on this website to learn more about cash loans.

It reads, “Sorry we missed you! We’ll try again in the next decade!”

If you’re setting up a home business, find an international courier you can trust to make deliveries promptly. Since the privatisation of Royal Mail, a host of delivery companies have popped up to challenge the throne. Give them a look, hunt down customer reviews and pick the finest you can find.

Hit your targets

The average home business can be, to put it politely, a tad lazy when it comes to self-promotion. You get into your office (also known as your bedroom) and decide to have a wee snooze instead of working.

It happens to the best of us – but it also stops you in the path to success.

Set specific targets for yourself and stick to them. When the going gets tough, just imagine how angry your boss would be if you fell behind in your real job. Self-discipline is the key to success –and it’s time you got successful.

Cheap and cheerful

You’re setting up a business from home, not trying to rival Richard Branson, despite growing a goatee and purchasing a leather jacket. This is why you don’t have to fight competitors like it was Battle Royale.

Instead, try to keep costs down and rely on word of mouth or social media presence to gain attention.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give the best service. Even if you can’t afford parcel tracking delivery, email your customers to let them know how their delivery has fared.

After all, one happy customer could become one happy repeat customer.