Best Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Budget

It’s easy to overdo Valentine’s Day financially. After all, what better person to spoil than your partner or spouse? But there’s nothing romantic about eating ramen on the couch for the rest of the month because you broke the bank. With a little planning, a heartfelt and budget smart Valentine’s Day gift is around the corner.

What matters the most on Valentine’s Day is love, not dollar signs. Photos are a wonderful way to express yourself and preserve the feeling. Remind each other of those first flirty weeks of the relationship by searching both your Instagram and Facebook accounts for the first pictures you took together. Choose the best way to display them like a set of magnets, a charm bracelet, key ring for your apartment and more. Shutterfly not only has more ideas but savings and a guarantee to get the gift by Valentine’s Day.

Have a ton of great photos from a trip the two of you took? Put them together into a photo book, adding little scrapbook-like asides. It’s the attention to detail that shows the care and effort put into a gift. Walgreens can help save on the project plus the romantic incidentals that round out the night.

Remember the past but plan for the future together. What interests do you share? If they’re outdoor or athletic, check for deals from Sports Authority. It’s not just about getting new golfing equipment or North Face jackets but about investing in that shared experience and time as a couple.

If something shiny is the only item that satisfies, have no fear. Jewelry is a great gift but so frequently is a last minute purchase so NOW is the time. Classic department stores like Sears have great Valentine’s Day sales and offer coupons for even more off jewelry purchases. There are even 50% off deals on engagement sets for those planning an extra special evening.

The best Valentine’s Day gift leaves a lasting impression in the heart, not in the wallet.