5 Financially Smart Ways Of Celebrating Valentine ’s Day

valentines dayValentine’s Day is all about the abstract yet very powerful feeling of love. However,   materialistic (and often expensive) presents are almost a must in nowadays society. . . We do not want to demonize gifts and entertainment of any kind but we do advice moderation to fully enjoy the celebration. Here some ideas that you might want to consider in order to live a memorable day with your Valentine without wastes and regrets.

  1. Take the morning off, rent bikes (or use your own!) and go for a picnic-brunch at the park. Picnic is one of the most romantic options that cinema taught us and a nice (quite inexpensive) equipment can make you relive a romantic movie scene. A vintage picnic basket, a colorful blanket (even if you do not have them at home, every second-hand shop has plenty of both item), and some organic food (here nice food ideas to prepare) will make the trick with a reasonable amount of money.
  2. Go back to the place of your first date or where you first met (whatever fits best or, simply is feasible). It is certainly not the most original thing but an evergreen of guaranteed effect. If you ate/drank in that occasion, try remembering and order the same. A nice card with some references to those initial moments will be much appreciated…
  3. Make a gala evening at home: establish a very elegant dressing code and pick some delicate and a bit exotic food that can easily be arranged in a plate. Invest in food and save in beverages, making yourself some cocktail: you have no idea what you can make with few inexpensive bottles that you have home already! The gala night should go on with some jazz music and a spin of roulette…online of course (here you can even find it for free). Do not get too into the game itself though… it is only to make the adrenaline rise up!
  4. Organize the perfect sensual night starting with a bubble bath and your romantic song. You can light candles (but do not get too much into stereotypes) or you can make cute origami and decorate the room with those. Some passion fruit and champagne might be charming plus but the real must here is nice and new underwear coordinate for the both of you and very soft fluffy towels that you will warm up before getting out of the bath…
  5. Play smart and organize the next vacation. It might sound expensive but actually it isn’t (plus, let’s be honest, you will spend this money anyways!). Make some detailed program, researching among the best places to visit/activities to do around a place that you discussed about as a potential vacation destination. Stay with your feet on the ground and make it quite feasible in terms of costs (but do not buy anything yet!). Print high quality images and organize everything is a nice brochure. You will have the time to review it together before finalizing, but such a leaflet surely makes a great impression!