Robert Kiyosaki’s Second Chance Book Review

Few would argue with the fact that, on many fronts, we are a world in crisis. And there are two sides to every crisis, be it a leadership crisis, an economic crisis, an education crisis or a moral crisis. The two sides to crisis are danger and opportunity.

The global problems we face cannot be solved by the same minds and people who created them and today’s world demands the ability to see the future and prepare for what lies ahead…prepare for the opportunities as well as the challenges.

Like it or not, we are all involved in the greatest evolutionary event in human history. The Industrial Age is over and the Information Age continues to accelerate. The visible agents of change have become invisible…and harder to see. And the future belongs to those who can train their minds, use the past to see the future, and take the steps to create the positive change they want to see in their lives.

Robert Kiyosaki’s new book Second Chance is a guide to understanding how the past will shape the future and how you can use Information Age tools and insights to create a fresh start. This book is a guide to facing head-on the dangers of the crises around us – and steps and tips for seizing the opportunities they present.

Second Chance…for Your Money and Your Life uses the lessons from the past and a brutal assessment of the present to prepare readers to see and seize the future.
If readers can train their minds to see what their eyes cannot, in a world that is becoming increasingly more ‘invisible’ and moving at a high rate of speed, they can have a second chance at creating the life they’ve always wanted.

I have read several of Kiyosaki’s books. His first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, was a revelation to me in the late 90’s so that book would be hard to beat in my view. This latest book is written in a Q&A format which may not appeal to everyone, but I found it refreshing. The book is also divided into three main sections, past, present and future. A lot of attention is devoted to the past to try and show why the world is in it’s present financial mess. Much of the arguments raised in Rich Dad and Cashflow Quadrant are revisited. In essence this book is an argument for financial education and self actualization. Several strong arguments are made against a negligent US government dating back to Nixon, an over reliance on paper assets, misguided bailouts of the super rich and the poor state of education. The next big market crash looms according to the author. So what to do? The book did inspire me to relook at my business, investments and planning for the future. Whether most people have Kiyosaki’s appetite for risk is unlikely, but then that explains why the rat race is so well attended.

The basic philosophy of this book is that “a coin has three sides. Heads, tails and the edge.” If you learn to live on the edge, you will see both sides of a situation. You can then decide what is right for you. He also makes some good arguments as to the inadequacy of our education system and our government. His theories provoke you to think.

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