Comparing Housing Prices: What $225K Will Get You

7058664963_e579b757ae_zThe cost of living can vary greatly across the United States. In some locations, $225,000 will buy you a gorgeous multiple bedroom home, while in other cities you may not even be able to afford a modest one bedroom apartment.

Luckily there are at least 10 metropolitan cities around the United States where you can find homes priced at $225,000 or less that will accommodate a growing family without sacrificing design and style.

The homes featured in this MSN Money article are all priced at $225,000 or below and contain at least 3 bedrooms. Styles of the homes vary from ranch style to craftsman and from modern to old-school.

Find out more about what you can purchase for $225,000 in 10 different metro areas at MSN Money.

Photo courtesy of: Cindy Cornett Seigle