Recovering PPI Fees

The payment protection insurance (PPI) scandal has seen many thousands of people make PPI claims to recover the fees on policies that they have been mis-sold. The banks and other lenders have so far repaid over £10billion, and many people expect that they may face a total bill of far greater than that when the saga finally draws to a close.  That is still thought not to be any time soon, as many people don’t even know they have or have previously had PPI.

More about PPI Claims

The PPI claims scandal came about after a number of complaints were investigated by the powers that be, the authorities that govern the consumer finance world, alleging the mis-selling of policies. Upon closer investigation it was found that payment protection insurance mis-selling was widespread, and a number of lenders were fined millions of pounds.  The financial regulations were also rewritten. The latter regulations are designed to protect the consumer, thus the ability to claim back PPI costs came about. If you have been mis-sold a policy you should get your claim underway right now.

Examples of Mis Sold PPI

Many PPI claims cases involve customers who were not given the right to shop around for the best deal when, in fact, it was their basic right in the regulations. Others were sold policies they either did not need or that would be of no use, and more were not even told of the policy and have been paying out unwittingly. In all of these cases – and there are more – a claim is a legal right, and with an industry average repayment so far of around £2750 it is certainly worth getting the wheels in motion, and has never been easier.     

Making PPI Compensation Claims

Many people who make PPI claims choose to use a claim company in order to make the process stress free, and some such as offer no win no fee deals.  This means you will not have to pay in the event your claim is not successful.  Their team of experienced claims handlers can help you with all advice you need on how to make your claim, and are waiting to take your call.  Remember, it is your basic right to claim back costs on mis sold PPI charges, so why not make that phone call and see what happens?

Their team is ready to take your call and help you get back money that may be owed to you, like millions of people already have done. This has been a huge     financial scandal with the banks taking people’s money sometimes with them even knowing about it. Some PPI Claims companies like the one above can now check for mis sold ppi on other bank accounts using just one account number. This will help get back every penny that you are owed and finally put the PPI saga to rest, with the best outcome possible for the consumer.  Result!