Building Online Stores is really easy with WixStores


As a freelance worker, I have worked with several ecommerce sites doing behind the scenes work, such as pricing items or uploading new products. It was quite time consuming because I would have to go through several pages and scroll through a lot of coding or boxes just to make a simple change. A few of the ecommerce sites I worked with also wanted an integrated blog. At the time, WordPress was the best free option, and I was never able to make the blog look spectacular and just setting up a basic blog took hours. I am a freelance writer, not a designer.

If I were to do it all over again, I would have them switch to ecommerce sites. I have been testing them out, and they are so simple to make and manage, that I am sure my three-year old could do it. Seriously, though. We live in an age that runs off internet business, and if your online business does not look good, have the right SEO, or even have an engaging blog, then your business will flounder.

Managing products, orders, blog posts, and social media is a lot of work. Most small online businesses find that they have to hire out marketing specialists, designers, and writers to boost their sites. Most small online business owners don’t want to have to deal with coding and strict marketing tactics; they just want to sell what they love and connect with customers. WixStores eliminates the need for the pricey middlemen. I started designing an ecommerce fashion site on WixStores and decided to click the option, “Add Blog”. Within seconds, “Blog” was added to my category list and a well-designed blog page popped up with easy editable options. I can guarantee you that a web designer would have charged you at least $300-500 to set up and design a blog for your ecommerce site.

I was also very impressed with how easy it is to set up a WixStores ecommerce site, from setting up the design, to putting together the pages, to integrating and linking the Wix buy buttons without a whole lot of hassle. I love that you don’t have to mess with HTML, and that there are a lot of great design choices to choose from. You can choose from hundreds of free templates, change the font instantly, and even change the template configuration with just a few clicks.

Adding products is very simple too. It only takes a few minutes to add a product, image, and price. There are spaces for product description and detail also, which helps you rank well in Google. Adding a coupon, managing your inventory, and checking your orders all take less than a minute too. Everything is easy to navigate and customize to your needs.

ec2Mobile Site Editing

WixStores even makes editing the mobile version of your site simple. Wix automatically configures your store to be mobile-friendly, which is a big deal to me. I hate going to a website on my phone that is not mobile-friendly or that requires me to download a separate app to view the site.

Email Marketing

As far as email marketing goes, WixStores makes that simple too. They allow you to send out emails based on certain triggers. For example, if a new customer signs up for email updates, you can set a trigger to send them a coupon. You can also set up thank you emails to be sent as soon as an order is placed.


I am truly impressed by how much WixStores offers for online business owners. Signing up for their yearly plan is the best way to go. A WixStore costs $16.17 a month, and you receive your domain free for one year, two free premium apps to add to your site, and $350 worth of ad vouchers through Google, Facebook, Bing, and local listings.

Starting an online business is hard enough. WixStore saves you money and time by making everything accessible in one spot.