Tips for Selling Real Estate Online

Are you interested in selling a home or property online? Follow these tips for success in quickly and profitably selling real estate online.Whether you flip houses for a living, work as a real estate agent, or are a homeowner just looking to move, knowing how to market your real estate online can be a struggle and if you want professional property manager to handle your houses then contact Craig Accord (Broker and CPM).

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the area and are having trouble getting people to come to your open house. Maybe your home has been on the market for months with no bites.

Whatever the case may be, understanding the online real estate marketplace can bring you numerous benefits.

Let’s take a look at how you can successfully sell real estate online while saving your sanity.

The Case for Selling Real Estate on the Internet

While many people insist on using services like the ones offered at the South Carolina Business Directory and other print advertising to market their property, selling real estate online is generally low-cost. Although you may have to pay some fees to advertise your space, you can reach a wider audience through online listings.

If you’ve decided to make a business out of selling real estate, you need to embrace online marketing and selling.

According to statistics from, search engines and website applications were used 42% and 45% respectively as information sources in the home search among buyers in the 2014 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. It’s crucial to use some type of online advertising when you sell real estate. Luckily, there are many options available.

Steps to Selling Real Estate Online

If you aren’t already a real estate agent, but want to sell real estate online, check out Alex Buys Vegas Houses one of the top real estate investor today. It’s a good idea to partner up with a professional, someone who will be there for you 24/7. Make sure you work with one that either knows how to place properties online and sell them quickly (and for/ a profit), or one that has partnerships with marketing specialists that can help you list your property for a relatively affordable rate.

Not sure the agent you’re considering is proficient in this area? Look at his or her listings and ask for recommendations in order to compare the listings with competitors.

If you’re unsure the agent can sell your property well online, it may be best to go with someone else who is experienced in this area and can explain the strategy they plan to use to sell your real estate on the Internet.

Staging and Photographing Real Estate for Online Selling

Next, it’s time to assess how you can stage your property to take optimal photographs of the space. If your property is vacant, you might want to invest in some furnishings and decorations to make it more inviting.

If it’s your home you’re selling, make sure you clean and create interesting spaces through complementary decorations, plants, and tapestries. These should open up the space while also showing the style you want reflected in the property.

Do you plan to take the photos yourself, or work with your agent to take the photos? If you plan to take them yourself, follow some of these real estate photography tips from FrontDoor:

  • Choose a good quality camera – Simply shooting photos with your smartphone will not attract buyers and will be a waste of your time. Choose a camera with at least 5 megapixels to get the shots you want.
  • Embrace natural light – When you take your pictures, open the shades, blinds, and windows to bring as much light into the room as possible.
  • Stash away clutter – If you’re staging a home for sale, keep toys and other distracting items out of the shot by keeping them out of the room altogether. Instead, put items in storage or in a safe place, such as a storage chest or a small closet you don’t plan to photograph. It’s important to keep the focus of your photos on the room, not your personal items.
  • Choose the best angles and compositions – Shooting in the center of a room doesn’t use the space well. Shoot your photos from a corner or from the doorway to give people browsing the photos some context for the room. However, avoid using a wide-angle lens, which creates a “fish bowl” effect on photos, and make the spaces seem larger than it is.

Now that you’ve taken your photos, choose the best ones to showcase your home online. Be sure to experiment during the photography process, choosing a wide variety of angles and lighting options so you can pick what works best for each room.

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Online Property Listing Best Practices

Now that you’ve chosen your photos and are confident your agent will be able to sell your home online, it’s time to consider how your listing will look overall. While your photos might be enough for some people browsing the listings, it’s important to write a good description for a few reasons:

  1. Professional presence – Creating a description, rather than listing your property’s basic statistics (square footage and room dimensions), gives buyers a property with a story and a history. It makes your listing more memorable.
  2. Optimized for keywords – If you include a description in your real estate listing, you provide the people searching for specific amenities your property has. This enables them to find you easier. Using common keywords that buyers might use can help you better connect with them.
  3. Promote the property’s positive attributes – Think about what you enjoy the most about your home, or what you think is the most attractive factor about your listing, that people wouldn’t know at first-glance. Include it in the listing! Bringing a positive perspective to the space will entice readers and tempt them to look, and eventually put an offer on the property.

How to Promote Your Online Real Estate Listing

While many people rely on their real estate agent’s website, it’s possible to set up your own website and list the property, too. While this investment may not be worth it, if you plan to list multiple properties, having one hub to send people to may be beneficial.

You might also try to utilize online directories – such as Zillow, Trulia,, and others – to list your website. These sites allow you to list For Sale by Owner (FSBO) properties, as well as listings real estate agents can share.

Finally, if you feel you can get better traction through your social networks, share your listing on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You might even venture into social advertising if you feel the listing needs more visibility.

Selling real estate can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible to utilize the tools available to you, such as online listings, to earn a profit and make money from real estate sales. According to the best realtors it is easy to find houses for sale in the Cape Coral area and others areas. Follow the tips above and you’ll be well on your way to property selling success!

Do you have any tips for selling real estate online?