The Real Length of the Full-Time Work Week

11104608_9ca8e48872_zThe days of the 40 hour work-week are over.

When you’re hired for a full-time job, the understanding is that you’ll put in at least a 40-hour workweek.

The expectation — especially for salaried employees who don’t qualify for overtime — is that you’ll put in more to ensure your projects get done.

So how long do full-time U.S. employees really work every week?

A Gallup survey last summer found that the average for full-time employees was actually 47 hours — or 46 if you isolate those workers with just one job. Either way, that’s almost the equivalent of an extra business day on top of the usual five-day workweek.

Of the more than 1,200 adults surveyed, 21% said they worked 50 to 59 hours while 18% said they worked 60 or more. Another 11% estimated 41 to 49 hours.

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Photo courtesy of: Silverio Petruzzellis