Wishing for a 4 Day Work Week? It Exists at These Companies

man-319286_1280Have you ever found yourself wishing for a 4 day work week? (I know I have!) Well the existence of the 4 day work week is real at some companies.

A 4-day — or compressed — workweek is offered as an option to at least some employees at 43% of companies, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. But only 10% of those companies make it available to all or most of their employees.

It’s a perk more likely to be found at small companies, 14% of which make it available to all or most of their workers, while only 5% of large companies do the same.

While the concept of a compressed workweek isn’t new — it’s been common among nurses and emergency medical personnel, for instance — it’s not the norm for most jobs.

But it has become a viable option as employers seek to expand their workplace flexibility menu.

And it doesn’t just benefit employees.

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Image courtesy of: Pixabay