7 Gift Ideas for College Grads

Wondering what to get to celebrate the graduation of a friend or family member? Here are 7 great gift ideas for college grads that are practical.Around this time of year everyone is excited to be attending college graduation ceremonies for close friends and family.

But the truth is that after they walk across the stage, receive their diploma, and throw their cap into the air, they may feel a sudden sense of fear: What now?

Graduating from college is one of those major life milestones that launch graduates into a new phase of adulthood. If you’re wondering how you can help them make the transition from college student to young, self-sufficient adult, check out this list for gift ideas for college grads.

1) Business Suit

Help your college grad prepare for all those job interviews by purchasing a business suit for them. It will help them at least look the part of entry-level professional.

Not sure about sizing? Choose a suit from a large retailer where returns can easily be made. Even if you get the wrong size, the intention is there that will help lead your college grad onto a successful career path.

2) Monogrammed Leather Portfolio

A monogrammed leather portfolio will last them for years to come, even beyond the interview process. College grads will feel like a real member of the team showing up on their first day of work ready to take on the business world with a professionally-monogrammed leather portfolio.

3) Alumni Swag

While most college grads-to-be would like to buy an alumni license plate or sweatshirt, if they’re anything like the typical broke college student, they can’t afford any college swag. Visit the alumni store and pick up some swag that your college grad may like.

4) Kitchen Set Up

Is your college grad moving on from the dorms to single life on their own? Help them set up house by selecting some assorted kitchenware like pots and pans, a dish set, or a variety of kitchen gadgets that will come in handy.

If your college grad is the type of person to stick with ramen, throw in an easy-to-follow cookbook.

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5) Tool Kit

It’s the kind of gift that you’d never think of buying yourself but always comes in handy. Help your college grad become their own handyman (or handywoman) by choosing a beginner’s tool kit to help with basic household fixes.

Along with that, if your college grad is going to be making a big move, or if you’re worried for their safety on the road, get them an emergency road assistance kit.

6) Gift Cards

While gift cards can seem like a cop-out, the truth is they can really come in handy, especially for a recent college graduate who may not be earning an entry-level salary yet. Choose gift cards that you know they can take advantage of during their foray into adulthood.

Gift cards to places like Office Depot will come in handy when they need to make those resume and cover letter copies. Gift cards for gas are always helpful if they’ll be driving long distances for job interviews.

7) TV Show Subscription

Chances are your recent college grad won’t be able to afford cable. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want some entertainment for breaks from filling out those job applications. A yearlong subscription to Netflix or Hulu+ is sure to be appreciated.

Additionally, if your college grad loves to order things online, you can buy them a subscription to Amazon Prime. They’ll get free 2-day shipping and access to thousands of shows to stream as well.

What are you planning on giving the college grad in your life? What do you wish you had received when you graduated?