Classy and Cheap Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get dad? Check out this list of cheap Father's day gifts that will still leave your dad smiling.Americans spent an average of $173 on mom for Mother’s Day this year, the highest amount in the 12-year history of the National Retail Federation’s Mother’s Day Spending Survey.

However, Americans typically spend a lot less on their dads for Father’s Day. Together, in 2014, Americans spent an estimated $7.4 billion less on their dads than they spent on their moms for Mother’s Day.

Maybe dads are just easier to please. Or maybe it’s that stores offer a plethora of Father’s Day options that don’t break the bank.

Here are some classy, yet cheap, Father’s Day gift ideas that will let your dad know, “Hey, I love you, but thanks for also teaching me to be good with money.”

For the Connoisseur

Whiskey Stones, $20: For the dad who loves his whiskey, whiskey stones may be the perfect gift. Instead of watering down his whiskey, whiskey stones keep his poison cool without watering it down. All you need to do is keep the whiskey stones in the freezer and pop them in a drink when it’s ready to go.

Beer Brewing Kit, $36: For the nerdy connoisseur. A beer brewing kit will not only help teach your dad something new, but also allow for endless entertainment possibilities. He can host his own Beer Brew party, where he and his friends can show off and sample their hand-crafted brews.

Boos Cutting Board, $55: Is your dad the family chef? Treat him to a BoosBlock Chopping Board. These heavy duty chopping boards last years and can handle the wear and tear of even the messiest chef.

For the Outdoorsy Dad

BBQ Set, $30: I know very few dads who don’t love to cozy up to a grill. Treat your dad to a highly-rated BBQ set for all those summer cookouts he’s planning.

Pocket Knife, $15: Every man needs the best pocket knife set for any situation when one might come in handy. This highly-rated pocket knife has all the bells and whistles at only a $15 price tag. You can’t beat that.

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For the Dad You Just Don’t Know What to Get

Shaving Kit, $60: My husband adores the Art of Shaving kit in Sandalwood. He says it takes his shaving experience to a whole new level and makes him feel “like a man.”

Magazine Subscription, $20: Almost every dad has some kind of hobby, and there’s almost certainly a magazine for that hobby. Consider getting your dad an annual subscription to a magazine like Sports Illustrated, Golf, This Old House, Inc., etc. Browse a list of titles and you’ll find something that will surely spark his interest.

Netflix Subscription, $25: Like magazines, Netflix has enough TV shows that your dad will be sure to find something he likes. Consider paying up front for a three or six-month subscription.

Whatever you decide, chances are your dad won’t really mind any gift from you. Dads are way more easy going with receiving gifts than moms. Just make sure they know you appreciate them!

If you’re a dad, what’s been the best Father’s day gift you’ve received? What about the best one you’ve given?