How To Save Money On Insurance Using Comparison Sites



We’ve all seen the adverts and heard about different price comparison sites. You can compare anything from your new phone to your next holiday online. Comparisons sites are a convenient way to shop. But, if you use them haphazardly and in a hurry, it unlikely you’re saving as much money as you think. If it’s getting to the time when you need to buy new insurance, read on for our best advice.


Be Ready


When you start to compare quotes for insurance, you’ll need to fill in a form before you get your quote. This form will ask you questions to try and help give you the most relevant results. If you’re self-employed or a business owner you might need to have some details of your company to hand to get an accurate quote. If you’ve claimed for anything before, you might need to enter this to see if it affects your new insurance. It’s also a good idea to be sure of the amount of cover you need. You might want to think about the amount of excess fees you’re willing to pay too.

Understand What You’re Buying


Before you buy any insurance, make sure you understand the ins and outs of a policy. Don’t be afraid to seek advice or ask a provider a few questions before you go to compare prices. If you don’t understand, what you’re purchasing you could end up buying the wrong thing! If it’s not a specialist site, they might include insurance products under one umbrella. Just because the results are all together, doesn’t mean they are all offering you the same thing.


Filter Your Results


When it comes to looking at your results, you’ll want to filter them to make sure you can see the most relevant options. Insurance comparison sites like ComparaenCasa will allow you to order your results in a variety of ways. Many people will just choose “from lowest to highest” so they can see the cheapest price. Cheap insurance might seem good at the time, but you might not be saying that when you need to claim. Narrow down your result to choose specific options and look at providers who have had good reviews too. If you select the cheapest insurance and find out you don’t have the cover for what you need, you won’t end up saving any money at all.


Don’t Forget Other Sites


Not every insurance provider on the market is going to be on a price comparison site. To be sure you’re getting the best deal, you might want to compare the comparison results with unlisted companies. A lot of the time, you will find that going direct means you can’t get the same deals you find on comparison sites. However it’s worth checking as every case is different.


You must remember that different comparison sites will be more catered towards different products. If you know a comparison site is useful for comparing credit cards, it might not be the best one for comparing insurance. You can save a great deal of money by looking at comparison results. Just make sure you choose the best option for your situation.