7 Gift Ideas for Real Estate Investors

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Want to know how to say "thank you" to your real estate agent or investor? These 7 gift ideas for real estate investors are great!Real estate investors put in many hours traveling, seeking out opportunities, and communicating with clients and prospective buyers, I suggest to check real estate israel, they truly are real professionals.
Whether you want to thank your realtor for their help with selling your home, or you have a friend/family member who is a real estate investor, the following gift ideas are both practical and enjoyable.

7 Gift Ideas for Real Estate Investors

  • Device chargers: Real estate agents are always on the move, so something to keep their mobile devices charged is a great idea. For more rural areas or during power outages, solar panel chargers are available to keep any lack of electricity from getting in the way. Also, power stations are available that can charge multiple devices at once, which can be valuable for situations where one might need to use a smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot while on the go.
  • Hygiene kit: A home can leave an impression—and often a smell as well. For real estate investors who interact with numerous clients and buyers each day, a portable hygiene kit can help them maintain a good impression no matter what kinds of places they’ve visited.
  • Books: Good books help pass time, spark new ideas, and inspire people to reach for loftier heights. Some books that are great resources for investors are Rich Dad Poor Dad or The Millionaire Real Estate Investor.
  • Self-stirring mug: Stirring a drink takes two hands, and that can be tough while you’re on the road. For investors who spend so much time traveling, a self-stirring mug can be incredibly useful, making it much easier (and safer) to enjoy a hot mug of coffee while heading to an appointment.
  • Stun-gun phone case: Some neighborhoods are rougher than others, so sometimes it’s best to take extra safety precautions. A variety of stun-gun phone cases are available for smartphones, adding an extra measure of security for real-estate investors working in inner city areas. Alternatively, you can get them a stun gun that looks like a phone.
  • Tablet: Multi-functional with tons of apps available, iPads, Android tablets, and other compact mobile devices are immensely useful for real estate investors. They can use it to analyze properties, communicate with clients and buyers, and be alerted to new opportunities in the area.
  • Personalized items: Whether it’s an engraved pen or smartphone case, personalized items always make great gifts. For investors, office supplies can be particularly useful.
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Perhaps the most valuable thing you can give a real estate investor is a referral. If you know of any places for sale or run-down properties that can be spruced up, the real estate investors in your life will be grateful for you when stated ” I need to sell my house in another state .” Lacking that, any of the above ideas are sure to bring a smile to their face!

What gifts have you given your real estate agent or investor before?