Save Money With These Summer BBQ Tips

Want to host a fun and memorable party during the summer? These money saving summer BBQ tips will have your friends and family enjoying themselves for less.Fourth of July barbeques are supposed to be relaxing, fun, and a great opportunity to enjoy what the best of summer has to offer.

However, planning any party where you’re the host is often not as stress-free or budget-friendly as you’d like it to be.

There’s often too much pressure on the host to essentially sponsor the entire party—but just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the party, too!

While you may still need to invest around $50 or so, that’s essentially the cost of a restaurant meal for a group of 4. Instead, you’ll be able to host 20 or so friends and family for the same cost.

Here are some fun and fresh money saving summer BBQ tips.

Make it a Potluck

Food is by far the biggest expense of any party or social gathering. Try to reduce your commitments by making it a potluck. Everyone is almost always receptive to potlucks, especially for holidays and summer get-togethers.

Create a list of items needed on a site such as Evite. Have everyone bring a side dish or dessert to feed between 7-10 people. This will easily relieve you of having to worry about all the food, and you can focus your attention on the main course.

Buy in Bulk

In charge of the main meal? The cheapest option is hot dogs for a summer cookout, but you can also grill burgers. Choosing one or the other will definitely reduce the total cost, so make your decision and stick to just one.

While hot dogs may not be the favorite, you can create a hot dog bar with different toppings, like chili cheese, grilled onions, or plain old ketchup and mustard.

For burgers, buy in bulk at Costco, where patties and buns will run cheaper than your local supermarket. You can stick to limited toppings like lettuce, onions, and tomatoes.

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In addition to a potluck, make sure to let people know that it’s a BYOB gathering. Beer can easily increase the cost of a party by a lot. Offer to make one special mixed drink, such as hard lemonade or sangria. If beer is preferred, just let everyone know to bring their own.

Cheap Lawn Games

When gathering with family and friends, conversation tends to be enough for entertainment purposes. However, for a special Fourth of July barbeque, feel free to get a little creative by having some simple lawn games, like bocce ball, or cornhole, available for guests. You can easily create the items needed to make these games using supplies you already have on hand.

Never underestimate the power of a pack of playing cards, Twister, or a volleyball net. You may be able to borrow one of these from a friend. And don’t forget, you can download Cards Against Humanity from the site, and it often provides hours of laughs for adults.

How do you host a summer BBQ on a budget? What are your plans for July 4th?