5 Things to Consider before Buying a New Car

Buying a new car can be stressful, confusing and just down-right mind boggling sometimes. However, if you – like us – are aware of the right stuff to look for and the correct questions to ask, then car-buying can be a walk (ride) in the park! Check out this simple list of things you should watch out for before you consider making that all-important purchase:


  • What sort of journeys will you be making in this vehicle? Is the car economical or does it cost more money to run than the actual price you paid for the car itself? This is a crucial thing to consider as you don’t want to be continuously burning a hole in your pocket or be lumbered with a petrol guzzling monster.


  • If you’re buying a cheap car that needs fixing up a little, be absolutely sure to check out any faults and be confident that you have the budget to fix them before taking it on. A list of the most common faults and how to fix them can be found on here on Car Insurance by Youi.

Go with your gut

  • Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But instinct is a grand old thing and usually we are able to sniff a dodgy deal a mile off. If anything about the car dealing process doesn’t sit quite right with you then be sure to 1. Question it, or 2. Back out. It’s that simple! Also ensure that you are well-read up on the car buying process; check out this list from the BBC which gives you a little heads up on what to look for before purchasing your motor.


  • Don’t be afraid to haggle – it’s vital if you personally feel the car is being sold for more than it’s worth. If you know the number plate of the car you’re interested in, use this car valuation tool courtesy of We Buy Any Car, which is also handy if you want to avoid a bad deal on a trade-in.

Test Drive

  • Giving your potential new car a test drive can be make-or-break. Giving those wheels a spin will determine how you feel about parking, maneuvering or driving on different road surfaces; can you imagine yourself travelling far and feeling safe in this vehicle?

Have you ever rushed into a car sale or did you find the whole process a delightfully, smooth transaction? Feel free to leave a comment below with any helpful hints or tips from your personal experiences with a car dealership.