1.1 Million Fingerprints Stolen in OPM Hack

3375927969_5282bbf9c5_zHackers who stole millions of federal personnel folders from OPM also accessed over 1.1 million fingerprint records.

This could be one of the potentially worst parts of the Office of Personnel Management hack affecting 21.5 million people. Whoever has this information — U.S. intelligence thinks it’s likely China — could use the stolen fingerprints to better spy on America.

“It’s across federal agencies. It’s everybody,” an OPM spokesman told CNNMoney.

In a Mission Impossible-type scenario, the thieves could create physical copies using latex or similar materials, then break into the fingerprint-locked devices of U.S. diplomats and government agents. This would expose secret conversations, disrupt investigations or poison international negotiations.

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Photo courtesy of: Bram Cymet