Moving Abroad May Allow Early Retirement

150720115301-retire-panama-cliff-780x439If you dream of early retirement or retirement on a limited budget, moving abroad might be the answer to your quest. You can hire out of state moving companies to make things easier while moving.

Peg Fairbairn and April Hess will tell you they’re living the dream. They moved from Austin, Texas, last year to retire in Panama, at ages 58 and 53, respectively.

They live by the beach, say they have all the comforts that they were used to at home (mostly), and do it all on a budget of $2,133 a month. Moving abroad in retirement isn’t for everyone, but for this couple it was ideal.

“We couldn’t afford this in the States,” Hess said. “Even if we didn’t move near a beach and stayed in Austin, we’d still have to be working.”

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Photo courtesy of: CNN Money