5 Reasons to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney to Defend You

If you are going through a tough time financially, you might think you can handle it on your own. Not only is this a mistake, it is likely to end in disaster for you, especially if it ends in bankruptcy. Even in cases where it seems black and white, it isn’t. Hiring a local bankruptcy attorney in Scottsdale is of utmost importance. These are some reasons to consider hiring a legal team to work with you, rather than trying to save a few dollars, and handle matters on your own.

  1. Laws are complicated

Not only are bankruptcy laws complicated, they are constantly changing. Can you or can’t you file? Are you protected if you make a certain income level annually? What is the timeframe to file, how do you file, where do you file? These are only a few questions for which you can’t get answers online. An attorney like the credible DUI attorney in Denver will. Further, an attorney knows how the court systems work, how to ask for extensions, and which laws will prevail in Scottsdale and possibly trump federal regulation.

  1. What do you file?

Is chapter 13 right for you or is it chapter 7? Which one affords you more flexibility? Is there any addendum or additional paperwork required? Again, the questions will begin here, and continue to pile on once you begin the process. Depending on the specifics of your case and your personal finances, it will vary for every individual. An experienced attorney will explain the difference with each, how each works, how long it stays on your credit report, and so forth. From there, they will guide and advise you, so you make the best decision for you personally.

  1. Creditors will harass you

Many people will continue to answer calls. Most aren’t aware that once they file for bankruptcy, creditors can’t legally call them, inquire about payments, or ask other questions. An attorney knows this, and other laws surrounding your case. So, they will notify creditors, and work on your behalf, to prevent the harassment, which has been taking place for far too long.

  1. Mistakes are costly

Maybe not financially, but in many cases they are. If you don’t file things on time, the court might not approve your application, so you might want to use a solid team like Ken Nugent and Thomas Boyd Whyte Legal Team for example. If deadlines aren’t met, it can result in your application being denied. Sure, it seems simple enough to fill out a few forms, but once you get started, you see how complex the bankruptcy process really is. Not only do lawyers know how to file, they know where things should be sent, how to answer questions, and will avoid the costly mistakes, which could end up compromising your request.

  1. Protection/rights

Everyone has uncertainties tied to bankruptcy. Can I do this? Am I entitled to this? Will I lose my home or car? You have these questions. Your bankruptcy attorney san diego will inform you of your rights, and protect your rights, where you don’t know how to do so on your own.

Sure, it will cost you to hire an attorney. But, in the long run it is far cheaper than the cost, especially considering the experience, expertise, and protections they afford you as a client. If you plan on filing for bankruptcy, consider hiring business bankruptcy help in Scottsdale to help, guide, and walk you through the filing process.