An Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning

Running any business, whether it’s a large corporation or a small start-up operation, requires the successful coordination of many disparate moving parts with a focus on a singular purpose. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, allows businesses to synchronize and automate certain functions in order to ensure that the various elements of your company are operating in line with your most important goals.

ERP applications improve data flow by allowing information to be shared among the various functions within a business. For example, when marketing, sales, purchasing, and inventory management all have immediate access to the same real-time data, each can operate more effectively. Additionally, when many aspects of these functions are automated, efficiency increases.

ERP is still a daunting subject for most people, but luckily, AlfaPeople created this great guide on the various types of ERP for different businesses. Find you business below and learn how ERP software can alleviate some of your workload.