U.S. May Be Impacted by Greece Crisis

orthodox-165084_1280More so than originally thought, the U.S. might be impacted by the financial crisis in Greece.

“Today, the world is a lot bigger and a lot more interconnected, which is why pipsqueak Greece had the macro implications that it did,” said Jared Dillian of the Mauldin Economics blog. “I wouldn’t say I’m scared, but I have a general anxiety of ‘something bad’ happening in the world. Something I didn’t use to worry about 10 years ago. The risk of contagion is permanently higher.”

He’s not alone, of course. There are plenty of investors out fretting the implications. Watching the toilet flush in China is just one of the many reasons to worry, and if our chart of the day (see below) is any indication, that stands to get worse before it gets better.

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Photo courtesy of: PublicDomainPictures