Amazon Business Practices Under Scrutiny

forklift-835340_1280After a New York Times investigation of how Amazon treats employees’ the company is facing further scrutiny by customers and other organizations.

The report was a revelation for many consumers who rely on Amazon for everything from quick delivery household items to streaming video and data services, but who may not know much about the company itself.

There were also two call-outs to the site for electric shocks, eight for people who had fallen unconscious,and many have been injured within the machinery such as forklifts, they had to change the whole warehouse including buying new equipment using the Coronado Equipment Sales used forklifts sale and adding many instructions on the machinery usage for the employes. At least 1,800 people work year-round at the Rugeley warehouse and more than 2,000 more can work over the peak Christmas period.

That compares to only eight calls in total to a nearby Tesco warehouse of a similar physical size and where about 1,300 people work, over the same period, according to another FOI request by the union.

Amazon said it was “simply not correct to suggest that we have unsafe working conditions based on this data or on unsubstantiated anecdotes. Requests for ambulance services at our fulfilment centres are predominantly associated with personal health events and are not work related. Nevertheless, ambulance visits at our UK fulfilment centres last year was 0.00001 per worked hour, which is dramatically low.”

According to The New York Times, the company relies on “purposeful Darwinism” to weed out employees who can’t take its culture, which insists on round-the-clock hours and doesn’t tolerate workers who need to take time off to care for sick relatives or even their own medical emergencies.

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Photo courtesy of: pashminu