Why the Property Market is in Need of a Significant Overhaul

UntitledHave you ever tried to invest in property as a first-time buyer? If so, you will know that the financial and logistical challenges are significant, even accounting for the lack of a chain that adds considerable freedom to first-time buyers. While many accept this is an inescapable facet of the modern market, however, there is reason to believe that the agents and firms responsible for selling property could be empowered to deliver a far smoother and less fraught experience. After all, with a motivated seller and a keen buyer, there is no reason why this process should be as difficult as it is undoubtedly is.

A Theoretical Change

While this would suggest a change in the way that the property market should be organised, it is first important to identify the key issues. One of the most prominent appears to be the lack of motivation among traditional agents to sell properties, with some looking to generate higher commissions and charges rather than aggressively executing a quick sale. This is not an issue in niche sectors such as the sell house fast market, where agents thrive on their ability to offer value and complete quick transactions.

A change has also occurred thanks to the efforts of new, online agents, who charge fixed commission fees upfront rather than a percentage of the final sale price. This is significant, as online agents are essentially placing a transparent price on their services and creating a time-frame in which transaction must be completed in order to generate a profit. This creates hungrier and more motivated agents, who operate from the same page as their clients and customers.

The Integration of Technology

Another issue is posed by technology, or the relative lack of innovation used in the sale of houses. While online firms like AsIsNow.com have utilized video marketing to optimise the reach of specific properties, for example, this channel has not been used to its full potential as a sales and viewing tool. This would also change the market considerably, creating real-time, virtual tours of properties and sales that traverse the entire country.

Altogether, this would create an interesting, subtle and organic overhaul of the property market. While there would be more work to be done in this field, but these initial changes would help to modernise the way in which property is marketed and sold in the UK.