Manager of Managers: A Recipe for Investment Success

John Hancock practices a Manager of Managers business model. Though they’ve turned it into a slogan, it’s a model that nonetheless informs how they do their business, and the value that they offer to professional investors.

Manager of Managers (or MOM) is a management device used when there are many experts who all have a different purview of a specific, broad project. You’ll see this model applied to all sorts of large scale projects, like insurance networks, school systems, and (most relevant to our conversation) investment strategy.

It has been proven numerous times that the Market is too large and diverse to be considered all at once, or at all, by a single person. Instead, those who love investment have to content themselves with limited realms of expertise. The problem is, being an expert in one small area can make somebody money, but it can’t make someone extraordinarily rich.

Being an expert in one small area is also liable to fail. Investment is about diversification, expanding investments into multiple fields so that if one experiences a disaster, the whole portfolio isn’t lost. This is where John Hancock comes in.

John Hancock is a manager of managers in the traditional sense, as explained above. But they are also the ones who provide investment advice to a class of investors that others look to as experts in their own right. It’s a comforting thought to know that no matter how high you rise in the world of investment, there’s still a team of professionals that can use their combined knowledge and experience to offer you insight that you do not possess on your own. That’s the essence of the value that John Hancock offers. So whether you’re a money manager or a long gun investor, John Hancock can offer you a whole world of investment insight and opportunity, one which is sure to expand the bounds of your portfolio.