Stretch it – How to Make your Money Last for Longer

Money should not be made of paper. It should be made of rubber, so we could extend it longer. Joke aside, it’s never easy to live on a tight budget, paycheck to paycheck. Most of us have rent to pay, bills to cover and many of us are paying back one form of credit or another. Most of us also have to do this using a fixed amount each week or month, no matter what time of the year it is. But there are ways to stretch that amount for longer, even if it’s not made of rubber – and the tips below might give you some directions to follow.

1. Forget plastic

Although shopping using a credit card is still spending, our minds often doesn’t perceive it that way. There is no physical use of money involved, which makes us a bit more detached from this type of spending. Especially since the expenses often don’t even show up until the end of the month…

Sticking to cash instead of a credit card, or using a debit card tied to your checking account, can help you better realize how much you are spending. Besides, using cash will save you important amounts on bank fees and interest.

2. Spend more (occasionally)

How can you save on spending more, you might ask? Well, the answer to your question is an old saying my grandmother used to tell me at times: “I’m too poor to afford to buy cheap things”. Choosing high quality products that are more durable might seem to be a bad idea when you are on a budget, but in the long run it can save you important bucks.

Let me give you an example: electronics. You don’t buy them every year, but when you do, they represent a financial burden. And you should also buy the “extended warranty” option if available. Just think of how much it would cost you to have your fridge repaired after its warranty expires. While it might seem like an extra amount spent right now, this option could save you tenfold in the future.

3. Make good use of promotions (but don’t fall into extremes)

Have you seen the documentary about “extreme couponers”? They have gone a bit too far, but nobody said making use of reasonable promotions and specials would be bad for you. Promotions and sales are businesses’ way of attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones. Take a look at the Euro Palace, for example. The promotional offers at Euro Palace offer you a way to play and win without spending a buck. Besides, in the long run, playing at Euro Palace might even prove a profitable way of entertaining yourself.

Paying a visit to the Euro Palace might be a good idea, even if you are not after their promotions. But while you’re there, exploring its library of over 350 titles running in a browser window, you might be convinced by their specials to join the ranks of their players. Month after month, the Euro Palace offers its players the most interesting promotions. And their prizes are not limited to cash only (although those are very useful, too). One of the greatest of their promotional offers gave players (plus one) the chance to spend seven marvelous days on board a Caribbean cruise ship. But even beyond its excellent promotions, the Euro Palace gives its players an endless source of online entertainment to take with them wherever they go. It has one of the largest mobile ready game libraries of the industry, with over 100 games to play on the go – and new ones added each month to the list.

+1 – Do it yourself

You would be surprised on how much people are spending on things they could easily do themselves at home. I’m not talking about furniture or home improvement, of course, but about the small things: a “double espresso latte” at the corner shop, a doughnut at Joe’s during lunch break, or even the spices you use to cook your meals.

Spices like oregano, rosemary or thyme can be grown in a flower pot in the kitchen. Doughnuts are quite simple to make at home. You could even invest in an automatic bread maker and save on your daily visit to the bakery (and on pastries that are usually more expensive than those made at home). If you happen to have a garden, you can discover how many great things you can grow yourself – think tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots. And it is a great way to spend time, besides being a useful – and money saving – activity.