5 Ways to Take Advantage of Back to School Sales

Take advantage of back to school sales even if your child isn't in school by shopping for what you need! Here's some items to consider buying.While most parents bemoan the end of the summer, others may be jumping for joy to get back some kid-free time. As the back to school season has officially started, everyone knows there are sales to be had on school supplies.

But there’s several ways you can take advantage of back to school sales as well (and not just on supplies) even if you don’t have kids. Here are 5 categories where you can find great deals during the back to school shopping season.

Office Supplies

While kids may be shopping for school supplies, that doesn’t mean you can’t restock your office cabinets. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of sales on pens, paper, folders, and any other office-related items you can think of.

Stores host a whole list of discounts on anything remotely school-related that could help you out big time. Replenish your office supplies at a deep discount!

Car Sales

Back to school happens to fall around the same time as Labor Day Weekend—and that can only mean one thing—big sales on cars! As the year starts to come to a close, car dealerships are trying to move their 2015 inventory as fast as possible to make room for the new and more valuable 2016 inventory.

Save yourself thousands of dollars by going for the 2015 model instead of the 2016 model.

Outdoor Equipment

With summer officially coming to a close, stores are quickly getting rid of all of their outdoor equipment.

Now is the time to purchase those outdoor items you’ve wanted but were afraid would break the bank. Whether it’s a new barbecue, a patio set, camping equipment, or beach gear, visit your nearest home improvement store to check out what they’re trying to unload.

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Don’t think just children’s clothes are on sale right now. Changing seasons means out with the summer, and in with the fall.

Take advantage of last season sales by stocking up on items that you can double up on for fall. A cute knee-length dress is perfect for summer, and can also be paired with leggings and boots for the fall.

Don’t let stores dictate your fashion sense! Purchase clothing on sale and use them to your advantage.


Need a new laptop or tablet? Apparently, this is the time to buy. Companies take advantage of the back to school season to try and up their sales on new laptops and tablets, knowing that students will need them for the school year.

Whether you have kids or not, take advantage of all the sales that are happening in the beginning of September!

Do you take advantage of back to school sales for yourself? What do you buy or stock up on?